Wonderful Tattoo Lettering Styles & Ideas to Find a Cool Tattoo Design

celtic tatto

Lettering has changed the world of tattoo designing completely. Tattoo lettering styles are used by the tattoo lovers as a part of their choice for tattoo designing. An individual can try a variety of lettering styles and most famous of these letterings include Calligraphy, Gothic, Celtic and Greek Roman letters. These letters present good style and attitude of a wearer. Now men and women are getting more attracted towards lettering styles than ever. You can look at the various lettering styles before choosing one for yourself.

Various Font Styles

celtic tatto

The number of font styles used for tattoos are increasing day to day. There are unlimited possibilities to design a tattoo and even custom designs tattoos are possible by using letterings as a style.

Few of the most popular tattoo lettering styles are as below:

  • Calligraphy
  • Gothic
  • Celtic
  • Roman


Calligraphy is generally used everywhere in schools, colleges and even in the books. But its use in the tattoo designing has open new horizons for tattoo lovers. It is a kind of fancy writing and it looks gorgeous when it is used in tattoo lettering styles. It looks hand written and gives a unique presentation of the tattoo.

The calligraphy style can be applied to any font. A variety of colors can be mixed in a single font to make it more appealing to the viewers. Simple plain black calligraphy also seems to be very much unique and artistic. So, you can go for both either plain colors or sharp colors.


The gothic belongs to the Bible and it is considered a sacred writing. The letters of gothic writing use a variety of embellishments to give more appealing look to the tattoos. The gothic is used by majority of tattoo lovers because of its official use in the Bible. The gothic style of writing contains a variety of bold and black lines to use in tattoo letterings. The gothic tattoo is used heavily in the worldwide.


It is the most beautiful type of font category in the entire collection. It helps in creating illuminating effects on the skin and it resembles calligraphy. The Celtic font uses capital letters and uncials words.


The roman letters offer a wide range of symbols, numbers and letters in the tattoo designing. It presents most amazing collection of tattoo lettering styles for everyone. You can get a tattoo style of your date of birth, wedding or any special moment of your life in most stylistic way. You can use rich colors in designing which makes your font spicy and sharp. It presents a crispier look to your tattoo.

A tattoo lover can use these fonts for their tattoo designing. It also gives them options to modify their tattoo styles by adding creativity to the designs. Anyone can use this creative idea by mixing colors, adding numbers and symbols to the writings. You can pick any of them and use different combinations of colors. Sharp and bright colors are best to use in designing tattoos. You must go for hot pink, royal deep blue, sharp orange and blood red color for designing your tattoos.

There are so many tattoo styles, an individual can choose and customizing them is easy and fun. A tattoo style should be logical, so that everyone can understand and perceive a certain meaning of it. Using a complicated alphabet will make it difficult to present a feeling or thought to a viewer. However, these famous fonts offer a big collection and help in getting tattoo lettering with style.

15 Photos of the Wonderful Tattoo Lettering Styles & Ideas to Find a Cool Tattoo Design

Celtic-Tattoos-lettering-stylesGothic-tattoo-lettering-styletattoo lettering stylesCalligraphy tattoo lettering stylesGothic-tattoo-lettering-styleRoman-tatto-On-HeadGothic-tattoo-stylesceltic tattoGothic-tattoo-lettering-stylestattoo-lettering-styles-CalligraphyGothic-tattoo-lettering-styleChest-Tattoo-Quotes-CalligraphyGothic-tattooceltic tattotattoo-lettering-styles-Calligraphy

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