Wilderness of Tattoos – Secrets behind Lily Tattoo Meaning

small lily tattoos on the girl's back

With a radiance of spirituality and the sprouting symbols of the purity of love, lilies are the totems of care and nurturing, the kind of love. It surely exudes from motherhood. Lilies provide a deep insight into the lily tattoo meaning of relationships and why they matter. Similarly, lily tattoos are signs of pure emotion and tender heartedness. They represent the inner beauty of one’s soul and how it reflects upon others who the bearer of the lily cares for.

Lily Tattoo Meaning – Reflection of Uniqueness

small lily tattoos on the girl's back

Lily tattoo meaning is unique and lily comes in various shapes and varieties. They all signify love, purity and chastity. All these signs have that warm feel of a tender motherly love.

The lily tattoo varieties namely consist of the following:

  1. Lily tattoo (or White lily tattoo)
  2. Tiger lily tattoo
  3. Water lily tattoo
  4. Stargazer lily tattoo

The White lily tattoo is a sign of various spiritual enigmas, such as life, the intensity of love, the feeling of encapsulating death, and the moving on to a new phase of life. This type of tattoo is used to signify the depth of one’s spiritual beauty, connecting the meaning of life and death to the heavens and hell, water and fire. The bearers of the white lily tattoos have a very dynamic, yet careful lifestyle. They choose very carefully upon whom to get close to.

Tiger Lily Tattoo Signifies the Intensity of Feelings

The tiger lily tattoo meaning, also commonly known as the orange lily, is a flower shaped like a bowl. It embellishes with a very bright array of colors and signifies some of the most intense feelings of hatred and resent. Though most tiger lily tattoo meaning for the bearers who wear this tattoo to represent their hatred for a specific tonality of life, they are always very courageous and have a tough personality. They are strong willed and have no inhibitions when it comes to getting what they want.

Meanings Revealed by the Water Lily Tattoos

The water lily tattoo meaning discloses a multitude of implications. Although the water lily has been associated with various cultures and traditions, there is one very common meaning in all editions of this tattoo: the awakening of a human soul. The water lily tattoo meaning has been known to signify the ambitions and the thirst of the human soul to break out of the cages of casual life and morph into something deeper.

Meaning Portrayed through Stargazer Lily Tattoo

The stargazer lily tattoo meaning is deemed as the most beautiful of all lilies and is known to represent sexual and erotic tendencies. Such behavior has been found very common among the bearers of such lilies, regardless of culture or location. People who tend to display a liking for the stargazer lily meaning are also known to have an ambitious lifestyle.

10 Photos of the Wilderness of Tattoos – Secrets behind Lily Tattoo Meaning

black and white lily back tattoopink lily back tattoo with butterfliessmall lily tattoos on the girl's backgirl with big lily side tattooman with white lily tattoo on the shoulderorange lily stomach tattoo for girlsorange lily foot and blue skull tattoographical lily tattoo on the back for girlsblack & white lily shoulder tattoolilies leg tattoo for men and women

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