What the Tribal Tattoos and Their Meanings are?

polynesian tribal tattoo

There is no set language to describe or decipher tribal tattoos and their meanings in general. There are many ancient religions, tribes, beliefs and cultures that the modern tattoo has derived from.

Originally tribal tattoos would have been for identifying enemy tribes and those of their own members. They would have been to acknowledge achievements, rank and coming of age.  But do the modern tribal tattoos have the same meanings today?

religious angel

The Essence of Tribal Tattoos and their Meanings

In the very essence of the tattoo itself, it holds a meaning to the wearer.  Tattoos depicting water can be representative of emotion as much as they can be for adventure. Feathers can represent perhaps peace, flight or freedom.

What tribal tattoos and their meanings are:

  • A tribal tattoo is a statement of belonging, associating or relating to an influence.
  • We are all influenced or inspired by something, someone or may be some element.
  • It can be natural forces, the elements or a personal design.

It is a saying that the wearer has a belief at least in herself or himself.

As the word tribal suggests, it is a bonding of a group of humans or animals. But tribal tattoos and their meanings can be contradictory. Choosing to have a tribal tattoo is in itself a statement of individuality. A tribal tattoo can be seen as a uniform of kinds. Tribal tattoos are a way of belonging to a particular group, or showing an affiliation.

Human beings, like the wolf, are naturally pack animals and have a desire to bond. The tribal tattoo is at conflict with itself.  David Beckham belongs to one of the greatest categories of tribe that exist in today’s world, football.

Why do football fans become so emotional and involved?  Why do they bond so deeply over their teams success or failure? Although football fans don’t know each other they crave the desire to fuse in a tribe. David Beckhams tattoos are unique and tribal and yet are making a statement that he is a tribal leader.

Personalised Tribal Tattoos

A tribal tattoo can take the form and contours of the human body. They can represent strength, sympathy, empathy, or emotions of the soul. Tribal tattoos and their meanings are a personal issue to the individual themselves. To belong and yet to stand out from the crowd is the true meaning.

Tribal tattoos are more than a way of identifying which tribe a person belongs to, a tribal tattoo is an emotional reflection. It represents the character of a person, the very essence of a human being.

28 Photos of the What the Tribal Tattoos and Their Meanings are?

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spider web tattoos with skulls for men
Spider Web Tattoo
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Black Shark Tattoo
sweet skull tattoo on the hip for girls
Sweet Skull Tattoo
The Numeric Characters Tattoo