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Are Temporary Tattoos Safe For Babies

What Are Temporary Tattoos. Interesting to beautify your body with a body art or you need something different for special party or carnival? Well, maybe you can try to put a long lasting temporary tattoos. Nowadays you can find a lot of kind of large temporary tattoos and it may seem fun to do. So what are temporary tattoos? And, what is the different between children’s temporary tattoos and the real tattoo or permanent tattoo such as lower back temporary tattoos?

What Are Temporary Tattoos Called

Real tattoo is permanent design, which is intended to apply to the skin with using permanent ink or pigment. While temporary tattoo is removable design and non-permanent, which is resemble a real tattoo. And, what are temporary tattoos made of? It can be made by drawn, painted or airbrush, but the most of the time this tattoo are transferred to the skin. When you get bored with the temporary tattoos you can easily remove it or washed it away. Temporary tattoos will also naturally fade away with the time, some of them will only last in a few days, but there is also last until three months. It depends on the material and the method of creating the temporary tattoos.

What Are Temporary Airbrush Tattoos

What Are Temporary Tattoos Made Of

What are temporary tattoos creating method? There is a different type of creating temp tattoo, such as:

Temporary Transfer Tattoo: This is very old fashioned one. Usually this temporary tattoo made from ink and glue. It is usually consisted of five elements: sheet of paper for the front and the back, ink, glue and a plastic sheet as a protective sheet. To apply temporary transfer tattoo just remove the plastic sheet, place the image face down against the skin and wetting the back of it thoroughly. After that, you can carefully remove the backing and the image will stay in place. Henna tattoos: This temporary tattoos using paste made from the powdered leaves of the Henna plant, also known as Mehndi. You only have to apply the paste on the skin. Left the paste on the skin for several hours to stain. Henna tattoos can last days to over a month before it fade away. It is depending on application and aftercare.

What are temporary tattoos of airbrush tattoo: this tattoos applied to the surface of skin by placing a stencil and delivering the tattoo ink with an airbrush. Temporary airbrush tattoo more similar to the true permanent tattoo because the artist can control the elements of meaning of owl tattoos. This kind of tattoo is using widely in advertising, marketing and entertainment industry. Ballpoint pen tattoo: This is known for recreational, decorative and commercial purpose body art. The method is applied the ink directly to the skin. It can easily wash away and naturally faded.

After you feel better, about what are temporary tattoos and its different method and material, you can choose which one is safer and suitable for yourself. Just remember maybe it would be fun, but it doesn’t mean it is risked-free and necessary safe.

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