Tribal Phoenix Tattoo – One of the Most Intriguing Tattoos

beautiful phoenix feather arm tattoo

Phoenix tattoos are considered one of the most attractive and intriguing tattoos. These tattoo designs are popular around the globe, because of their beauty and meaning.

The major and most believed meanings of the phoenix tattoo are not being derived from just one tribe but many. It holds great importance in the culture of many tribes which include the ancient Arabians, Greeks, Romans and many more.

black tribal phoenix back tattoo for girls

The meanings of the Tribal Phoenix tattoo in relation to some of these tribes are listed below:

  1. In Egyptians and Greek legends phoenix represents the sun which dies in its own flame at the end of the day and rise again the other morning with full potential.
  2. Christians related phoenix with the Christ. They see phoenix as the symbol of resurrection and rebirth because it is the only bird that is known to rise from its own ashes, after 3 days of its death. It symbolizes immortality, Jesus Christ’s resurrection and life’s victory over death.
  3. Jewish tribes think of phoenix as the bird who abstained from eating the forbidden fruit. It was not sent to Earth with Adan who tasted it. So, to Jews, Phoenix represents the power and ability to control yourself from doing wrong.
  4. To the Chinese, Phoenix tattoos symbolize virtue and grace. It comes second in the list of the most important creatures in the Chinese civilization. First one is the dragon. They also believe it represents femininity. It symbolizes female attributes.
  5. Indians, portray the Phoenix as the Thunderbird. They say that lightening flashes from its beak. So to them it means power.

More about the Phoenix Tattoos

Different body parts of the phoenix represent different meanings. For example; the wings of the phoenix represent prosperity while the head symbolizes reliability. Its body is a symbol of kindness.

The tribal phoenix tattoo is traditionally in yellow, orange and red color. But with the influence of Eastern culture, more creative and colorful designs have been created. Phoenix tattoo designs with colors include pink, black, orange, green, purple and blue. The eastern influence has added more attraction and meaning to these tattoos.

Now, you would have realized that a tattoo of just one type can have so many different meanings. So, don’t forget to research about the tattoo which you want to get on your skin. It will save you from regret when you find the real meaning of your tattoo after having it on your skin permanently.

11 Photos of the Tribal Phoenix Tattoo – One of the Most Intriguing Tattoos

cute colorful phoenix back tattoo for womenblack tribal phoenix back tattoo for girlsfire red and black phoenix side tattoobeautiful phoenix feather arm tattoograceful phoenix wings back tattoo for girlsgirl with red simple phoenix side tattoosimple black and red phoenix back tattoobig black tribal asian phoenix tattoonice black phoenix back tatoos for girls and womencute black phoenix stomach tattoo for womentribal black phoenix tattoos design

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