Tribal Panther Tattoos

black panther tribal tattoo on the shoulder

Tribal panther tattoos have been popular for centuries. The rippling muscle and mysterious black coat of the panther make them intriguing creatures. It’s no wonder they have been observed and adored. Their smooth black pelts make them subjects for folklore and mythology. As a result, their figures have been tattooed on flesh in tribal culture out of reverence. Today, the early tribal designs are popular for their stunning creativity.

The tribal panther tattoo is an often black, abstraction of the panther. It is made with bold, curved contours. The curved lines accentuate the rippling muscles of the panther.Additionally, long, rolling swirls create elongated figures that are perfect for lean muscle. The designs capture the lithe beauty of the beast.

tribal black panther shoulder tattoo

Cultural Significance

To early Central American tribes, the panther was more than just a jungle beast. The panther served as the God of Darkness. It was even said to have been able to swallow the sun and cause eclipses. The strength, ferocity, and fearlessness of the jungle cat may be why tribes described them as being so powerful.

Furthermore, black panthers can run, swim, and climb even better than the mighty tiger. For this, tribes regarded panthers as a spirit of versatility and power. It was even representative of feminine powers. The panther bears much more significance than just these meanings, however. Tribal Panther Tattoos represent:

  • Versatility
  • Talent
  • Solitary tendencies
  • Caution
  • Curiosity
  • Feminine energy
  • Life and power of the night
  • Mystery
  • Passion

The Tattoo

The imaginative creativity used to make these designs demonstrates the versatility of the panther. In addition, wearers may feel a connection to the panther for related qualities. Talented, solitary people with an appreciation of the night might enjoy a panther tattoo. Before getting a tribal panther tattoo, you should consider the significance of the animal. See if it matches your personality before you place it in permanent ink on your flesh.

The stunning majesty of the panther makes them perfect for tribal art. They are regarded as versatile, powerful creatures of the night. Tribal folk lore paints these animals in a mystical light. Tattoos of these animals can do the same. They accentuate the muscular feline features to show the power of the animal. If you identify with the panther and enjoy creative, abstract art, tribal panther tattoos may be the type of tattoo for you.

Be at one with the powerful, mysterious beast with a panther tattoo!

11 Photos of the Tribal Panther Tattoos

bearded panther tribal tattoo on the girl's backblack tribal climbing panther tattoo for mensimple panther tribal tattoo on the stomachtribal black panther shoulder tattoocrawling panther tribal tattoo on the man's shoulderunusual coloured panther tribal tattooclimbing panther tattoo in tribal style on backwell-built man with tribal panther tattooblack panther tribal tattoo on the shouldersimple tribal panther tattoo for girlsbeaitiful climbing panther tribal tattoo on the man's back

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