Tribal Lotus Flower Tattoo – Something, Worth Trying

girl with buddhist black lotus leg tattoo

If you are looking for the meaning of a tribal lotus flower tattoo, then you are just at the right place. To know the meaning, you should know that lotus is seen as a sacred flower by many ancient tribes which include; Egyptians, Hindus, Buddhists, Chinese and Japanese. They all find lotus flower as a religious flower in many ways. For example lotus is mentioned in the bible and in many other religious books or texts. For some tribes it is seen as the flower of god.

Some of them are listed below:

simple red lotus flower chest tattoo for girls
  1. Let’s talk about Egyptians first. They used to have very high thought of lotus. They even worshiped it and used it in burials and other different types of ceremonies. To the Egyptians, the lotus flower means rebirth and have linked it with the sun. They believe their god named ‘Ra’ came into the world from it.
  2. To Hindus, it again means rebirth and a new beginning. A new and most likely positive change in life that will take you to where you want to be.
  3. When it comes to Buddhism, there are a lot of meanings. The main meanings of the lotus flower tattoos have also been derived from the Buddhist beliefs. Here are some of the most known meanings of the lotus flower tattoos. Firstly, it means the ability to gain enlightenment as the lotus flower, which rises and grows above the muddy water. Secondly, it means to purify one’s soul from all the evil. Thirdly, a closed lotus flower represents that enlightenment has not been achieved yet. While a fully open flower means self awareness and complete enlightenment. Lastly, it means rebirth. Rebirth in the sense of leaving wrong and doing right.

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As you know that lotus is not of just one color. It has many colors that include white, blue, red, pink and purple. To make it more clear for you here are the meanings of the lotus flower according to its colors. It will clear any confusion left in your mind about the meanings of different colored lotus flowers.

All these flowers have slightly different meanings from each other. Some of the most important meanings of these colors are listed below:

  • White Lotus: A white lotus means a pure spirit, mind and body. It is known to be the lotus of Buddhas.
  • Blue Lotus: A blue lotus represents a person’s control over his mind. It also means intelligence, knowledge and wisdom.
  • Red Lotus: It symbolizes the heart in its original form. A red lotus is a sign of love, passion, activeness and many more emotions.

11 Photos of the Tribal Lotus Flower Tattoo – Something, Worth Trying

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