Tribal Lion Tattoos: The King of the Tattooed Jungle

lion chest tattoo in tribal style for men

Tribal lion tattoos are a popular way to depict these incredibly powerful symbols. Lions can be seen as significant in ancient cultures ranging from Tibet to Mesopotamia. Instead of invoking fear, their ferocity engenders respect and adoration from many different types of people. The lion was adored in:

  • Africa
  • Mesopotamia
  • Tibet
  • China
  • Japan
  • India
  • Persia
  • Rome

Tribal lion tattoos are meant to depict the stunning characteristics of the lion. The lion is known to signify strength, power, dignity, courage, ferocity, royalty, and passion. In Mesopotamian culture, for example, the lion was a symbol of kingship. From there it became the striding lion of Babylon, featured on the flag. Similarly, in Persia, the lion was a symbol tied closely with royalty.

lion head bright tribal tattoo on the chest

Uniquely, Tibetans created the mythical Tibetan snow lionin their legends. These lions were supposed to be brave and constantly cheerful. Even today lions are a symbol of Tibet.

African tribes often viewed the lion as a majestic beast and not an enemy. This fact can be surprising since lions have been known to attack people. Perhaps human nature is to be mystified by the forces more powerful than us.

Egyptian civilizations, in contrast to the others, worshipped the female lion. Egyptians noted the hunting skill of the females, and named them war deities. Female lions have never been as strong of a symbol in culture. Unfortunately for the females, they do most of the work in the pack.

The Tattoo

The tribal style of tattooing uses bold, black lines to create abstract designs. Tribal lion tattoo designs are often the outline of a lion head and curved patterned manes. They can, however be shown in their full bodies. Tribal lions can also be depicted standing and roaring or running.

The tribal style is much different from the traditional style of tattooing. Traditional lion tattoos are more cartoonlike in nature. Unlike tribal tattoos, they use color to depict the lion. Still, they are not as realistic as modern tattoos allow.

The lion is one of the most potent symbols worldwide. It represents nationalism for a variety of countries as well as bravery, strength, and power. Qualities of the lion have been and will be emulated by people for centuries. Their flowing manes are beautifully captured by tribal designs. Tribal lion tattoos are a creative way to show adoration for these miraculous beasts.

Wear a tribal lion tattoo and let yourself roar!

10 Photos of the Tribal Lion Tattoos: The King of the Tattooed Jungle

funny tribal lion chest tattoo for menlion head bright tribal tattoo on the chestlion chest tattoo in tribal style for mentribal lion portrait tattoo on the shouldercool red & black lion tribal tattoo on the shouldersimple lion tattoo in tribal style on the chestroaring black lion tribal chest tattooblack lion shoulderl tattoo in tribal stylered & black tribal lioness tattoo on the chestroaring lion tribal tattoo for men on the shoulder

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