Tribal Eagle Tattoos: Symbolic Art

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The symbolic potency of the eagle has made tribal eagle tattoos a commodity for centuries. Modern tattoos are developed versions of these more primitive designs. Today, designs can be incredibly realistic. Tribal tattoos, however, are still popular. Although, to Native American tribes, these tattoos are more than just designs. In Native American culture, the eagle symbolizes:

  • Spiritual protection

three black eagles tattoo on the leg
  • Healing

  • Creation

  • Wisdom

  • The power to rise above the Earth

  • Tribal Roots

    The eagle is adored in tribal culture for its literal and figurative ability to leave the Earth behind. Figuratively speaking, the eagle rises above the earth on powerful wings. It leaves petty greed, anger, and envy on the earth. It soars on to join the kingdom of heaven and enjoys higher enlightenment.

    On these journeys in the sky, the eagle is said to carry prayers to heaven. Because of this belief, the eagle is largely a spiritual symbol. Prayers are given to the eagle to send to heaven. The eagle aids Native Americans in worship.

    For example, the Eagle Dance is a form of praise. In this Native American dance, two main dancers wear feathers and eagle costumes. They dance in a way that mimics the life of the eagle. The dance was often performed with pleas for rain or prosperity.

    To show further adoration, the tribal eagle tattoo designs are tattooed on the flesh. Tribal eagles are simplified, abstracted renditions of the eagle. Contours are depicted with bold, curved lines. Patterns can fill in blank spaces as well.

    Tribal Today

    Tribal tattoos are popular today for their visual appeal. Since the 1990s, tribal tattoos have been a trend. The patriotic alignment with the eagle makes tribal versions of eagle tattoos popular as well. Unfortunately, the spirituality of the tribal eagle is largely forgotten. Modern tribal tattoo versions symbolize courage and liberty.

    Although we have neglected the tribal meanings of the eagle, we still employ tribal the tribal style. Still, the eagle is revered for attributes that wearers of these tattoos try to emulate. With or without symbolic tribal roots, tribal eagle tattoos are meaningful and fascinating works of art.

    Rekindle your tribal roots with and eagle tattoo!

    10 Photos of the Tribal Eagle Tattoos: Symbolic Art

    white eagle on the black background tribal tattooeagle feather simple tattoo on the footamerican tribal eagle tattoo on the chestsmall eagle tribal tattoo for girlsbig tribal eagle tattoo on the back of maneagle forearm girls little tattooblack tribal eagle chest tattoo foor menthree black eagles tattoo on the legtribal black eagle tattoo on the man's backeagle arm tattoo in tribal style

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