Tribal Bull Tattoos

tribal bull head with nose ring tattoo

The tribal bull tattoo is an incredibly popular tattoo choice of design, especially for men. The distinct nature of this animal is emulated for its power and lack of fear. The irony of tribal bull tattoos is that bulls were the first animals to be domesticated. In the eyes of white Europeans, native tribes were the next savage beasts to be tamed.

The Tribal Tattoo

black tribal bull arm men tattoo

In compliance with tribal style, tribal bull tattoos are usually black bulls. They are made of bold lines that form patterns or abstract contours. The abstract design of tribal tattoos conveys the solidity and muscularity of the animal. Moreover, this abstract design is creative, imaginative, and very interesting.

The Bull symbolizes a wide variety of traits. Some of the most common traits are strength, fearlessness, and aggressiveness. The bull, however, also symbolizes:

  • Masculinity
  • Courage
  • Power
  • The sun
  • Stubbornness
  • Wealth
  • Luxury
  • Thunder
  • Authority

The Famous Bull

Tribal bull tattoos are also popular due to their affiliation with the western Zodiac sign, Taurus. The attributes of this zodiac sign are determination, loyalty, patience, independence, stubbornness, and jealousy. Many people get tribal versions of these tattoos to either represent the qualities of the zodiac signs or simply their personal sign.

Furthermore, these animals are renowned for the annual Running of the Bulls in Barcelona, Spain. During the festival of San Fermin, the bulls are released in the streets of Barcelona where tourists and natives alike run in front of the bulls. The event is highly dangerous, and each year people are injured and even killed.

Bulls also get their brutal reputation from bullfighting, wrestling, and wrangling in western culture. Cowboys and cowgirls will ride agitated bulls for a thrill to see how long they can last. In bull riding and bull fighting, many people are injured and killed. These traditions highlight the tenacity of the bull. From these traditions, the bull gains fear and respect.

Fear and respect: two attributes that wearers of bull tattoos often want to gain. Looking at the temperament of the bull, it is no wonder why this animal was chosen for intimidation. Their stunning strength and aggressiveness when provoked make them fearsome symbols. Whatever you are trying to convey with a bull tattoo, tribal bull tattoos are certain to make a big impression.

10 Photos of the Tribal Bull Tattoos

tribal big head bull tattoo on the man's shoulderred&black taurus bull tribal tattoo for menblack tribal bull arm men tattoorock bull tattoo on the girl's backblack tribal bull arm men tattootaurus bull girl little tattooriding bull tribal tattoo on the legangry bull tribal man tattoobull skull tribal tattoo on the armtribal bull head with nose ring tattoo

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