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Tattoo Traditional Japanese Designs

It’s been years since Sailor Jerry tattoo designs breakthrough and the traditional tattoo designs raise to be one of the most popular designs around. While you can trace tattoo back to the time of mummies and the stone ages, american traditional tattoos refer to the one that raise to popularity in 1920’s. traditional japanese tattoo designs have been one of the most popular choices of tattoo designs for men. Their designs are so original and unique you would naturally wonder if they had some meanings. So instead of looking at traditional tattoo designs on tumblr while wondering about traditional tattoo meanings, why not read some of these explanations.

Traditional Tattoo Designs And Meanings

Since most traditional tattoo designs come from sailors background it seem it is only right if we look back there for the traditional tattoo designs and meanings. Sailor use tattoos as a milestone, each tattoo is used to mark some significant moment of their voyage. And as Sailor Jerry Tattoos Flash are known to be superstitious bunch it is no wonder some of these tattoos are used as a good luck charm or protector.

Sailor Jerry Tattoo Designs

Traditional tattoo designs like sparrow for example, used to mark the 5000 nautical miles achievement. The dragon, which is also a common traditional Japanese tattoo designs, means the wearer have been to China. The anchor, one of the most popular American traditional tattoos, can both means the wearer have safely crossed the Atlantic Ocean or to symbolize something or someone who serve as the stabilizer for the bearer, just like the anchor stabilize a ship. The swallow used to symbolize the hope that the bearer will be able to find their way back to home, not necessarily mean family, home could also mean death as birds are believed to be the delivered of soul of the dead.

There you go some traditional tattoo designs and their meaning. Now when you’re browsing for a traditional tattoo on tumblr you could pick the suitable one.

37 Photos of the Best Traditional Tattoo Designs

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