Traditional Swallow Tattoo and its Significance

red rose and swallow arm tattoo in traditional style

As the trend of tattoos has become more and more common, the designs have evolved and become more unconventional. In light of such changes, traditional swallow tattoo is being considered old fashioned and outdated by some people. However, the fact remains that the swallow tattoo signifies many good things and it won’t be going out of fashion any time soon. They hold a myriad of messages, and have deep rooted importance in traditions.

Traditional Swallow Tattoo is a Symbol of Love

family swallow with heart chest tattoo for lovers

Most of all, swallow tattoos symbolizes the much needed peace. People, who embark on peace missions, and similar peaceful initiative, get swallow tattoos on the back of their hands, or inside the wrists. This shows that they are asking for peace, in a peaceful manner.

Swallow Tattoo – Symbol of Reform

Many a times, recovering thugs and criminals also get swallow tattoos. This signifies that they have reformed. They want to convey the message that people should not be scared of them anymore. It might not always work, but it is always difficult to imagine someone with a swallow tattoo being violent or dangerous.

People also get swallow tattoos when they want to indicate their pairing. Whether they are best friends, brothers, sisters, lovers or a married couple, a swallow tattoo on each of their hands would denote their togetherness. It symbolizes the love, tranquility as well as their loyalty in the relationship. It is a beautiful symbol with a beautiful meaning.

Traditional Swallow Tattoo for Seamen

Above all, the traditional swallow tattoo holds the most importance for men who sail the seas. Whether they are merchants, sailors or soldiers, swallow tattoos signify and differentiate their individuality.

Here are some of the meanings of a swallow tattoo in sea life:

  • Sailors believed they would Return home safely as swallow returns back to its original location every once a year
  • A pair of swallow tattoos denoted one complete and successful voyage
  • The total distance travelled by a sailor could be deciphered from swallow tattoo. It was used to signify the seniority and experience of a sailor in ancient times
  • Seven small sparrows indicated in a circle on the wrist meant that the man had voyaged all the seven great oceans.
  • For the British navy, a retired navy officer with a sparrow on the hand meant that the officer had undertaken and successfully completed a mission at the sea.

12 Photos of the Traditional Swallow Tattoo and its Significance

traditional swallow foot tattoo with letteringgirl with colorful rose and swallow neck tattoored rose and swallow arm tattoo in traditional styleold school swallow and roses hand tattoonavy swallow and compass arm tattoo for menfamily swallow with heart chest tattoo for loversold school swallow tattoo for young girlssmall swallow and flowers foot tattoocouple of swallow scapula tattoos for romantic girlsnew school swallow with anchor and lettering tattooman with flying swallow arm tattoo in traditional styletraditional swallow and rose forearm tattoo

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