Traditional Panther Tattoos: Cartoon Cats

panther old school tattoo with naked girl

Traditional panther tattoos are among the most popular subjects of traditional tattoos. The traditional style is simplistic designs with bold black outlines and limited coloring. As a result, traditional anther tattoos are simple, cartoonish panthers. Panther tattoos are often accompanied by:

  • Daggers
  • Roses
  • Jaguar heads
  • Rope
  • Banners
  • Playful, colorful borders

Traditional panther tattoos are less abstract than their tribal counterparts. At the same time, they are still simple and cartoonish. More modern tattoos lack the traditional style and are much more realistic.

multicoloured tattoo with panther's head on the neck

Why the Panther?

These panther tattoos were so popular due to the symbolism of the panther. These jungle cats have been cloaked in mystery since the dawn of time. Their black pelts shroud them in secrecy as they stalk the night. In ancient cultures, these mighty beasts symbolize versatility, power, the mysteries of the night, and even feminine energy. The lithe, muscularity of the feline is what makes them a female symbol. Still, the tattoos were and are wildly popular among men.

To show masculinity, these tattoos are often drawn to epitomize the power of the Black Panther. They are depicted as growling and showing off large teeth. Additionally, their muscles are accentuated to convey rippling strength.

Traditional panther head tattoos, howeverare more common than tattoos of the entire panther body. These tattoos often come in a duality. They are paired with Jaguar head tattoos. They are drawn growling or roaring and flashing shark, white teeth. Even without the muscles and claws, these heads are enough to invoke fear and respect for the mighty jungle cat.

Fearsome yet fun, these tattoos are a popular choice. Their cartoon style can show the ferocious nature of the jungle cat. At the same time, the designs are playful enough to inspire smiles. Traditional panther tattoos are classics in tattoo history.

These tattoos are epitome of inspiration and perspiration

10 Photos of the Traditional Panther Tattoos: Cartoon Cats

traditional panther tattoo in old school style with flowerstraditional panther head tattoo on the man's handold school panther with rose tattoo on the armpanther old school tattoo with naked girlclimbing black panther sleeve tattoolittle black panther tattoo on the girl's multitattooed legcrawling panther wuth snake tattoo on the backmulticoloured tattoo with panther's head on the neckpanther head tattoo with blue roses and spiderwebclimbing and scratching panther tattoo
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