Traditional Eagle Tattoos: Origins and Significance

girl with eagle sleeve old school tattoo

Despite advances in design techniques, traditional eagle tattoos remain a popular testament to the symbolism of the eagle. The term traditional refers to the early western style of tattooing. This style is defined as bold black outlines, limited colors, and simple designs. Eagles make good subjects for the cartoonlike nature of this style.

The Eagle in our Hearts and Minds

double eagle tattoo on the stomach

The history of the eagle and its symbolism is what engrains its picture in the minds of many people. Since ancient times the eagle has been adored for its power and majesty. It is revered as a powerful spiritual symbol. Its spiritual significance and strong appearance have made it a prime choice as a national bird. Because of this, the eagle now retains national significance to many countries. It is a symbol of pride and patriotism.

Traditional eagle tattoos are relatively popular in modern culture for this powerful and reverent symbolism. Decades ago, however, eagles were among some of the most popular tattoo subjects in existence. Before intricate designs were possible, artists mostly tattooed:

  • Eagles

  • Hearts

  • Anchors and Navy symbols

  • Roses

  • Swallows

  • Panthers

  • Skulls

  • Daggers

Traditional Style and the Eagle

All of these tattoos are characterized as simple. At the same time, they are less abstract than earlier tribal tattoos. They often seem to possess a cartoonish playfulness, even when subjects are serious. Long ago these tattoos were not known as traditional, but mainstream. Modern developments have outdated the traditional tattoo. Love for simplicity, however, has kept the traditional style alive.

Eagles were popular traditionally for their patriotic symbolism. Men in the armed forces were prime candidates for these tattoos. They still are today, in fact. Back when tattooing first became prevalent, however, it was mostly these men who got tattoos. Their pride for their country and willingness to get tattoos gave eagle tattoos their popularity.

Throwback tattoos are actually making a modern comeback. People today enjoy the whimsical style of traditional tattooing. Traditional tattoos can be a statement of appreciation for simpler times. For this, unlike the bird of prey they resemble, traditional eagle tattoos are nowhere near extinction.

Throwback eagle tattoos are a blast from the patriotic past!

11 Photos of the Traditional Eagle Tattoos: Origins and Significance

large eagle girl's tattoo on the back and hipsdouble eagle tattoo on the stomachmonochrome eagle old school forearm tattoobearded man with traditional eagle neck tattoodouble eagle tattoo with roses and women facesblack eagle forearm tattoo for mentraditional sea and eagle tattoo on the full backgirl with the traditional black and grey eagle tattooeagle and snake and tiger traditional back tattooeagle forearm old school man tattoogirl with eagle sleeve old school tattoo

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