Tiger Tattoo Meaning Inspires Tattoo Fanatics

tiger and butterfly tattoo in traditional style on the chest and stomach

Ever pondered what the imagery a tattoo forces you to take up? What you think of a tattoo on someone’s arms? Are they just mere paintings or more? Well if you seek the meaning then you better go to famous websites with the meanings displayed of each tattoo a tattoo bearer has. Some Chinese books and manuals spread the meanings of the tattoos as well. Also Tiger tattoo meaning could be different in different books.

Tiger Tattoo Meaning in Chinese Culture

black and grey tiger and skull tattoo on the side and stomach

There are more than single meaning of the tattoo and people who get the tattoos engraved have their own reasons of doing so. Historical facts give off several unique meanings of the tiger tattoos and usually those traits are the reason why people get the tiger tattoos. In Chinese convention the Tiger sign shows bravery, sovereignty and is the animal present in the list of 12 other animals on Zodiac chart.

Tiger is a rival of Chinese Dragon while the white tiger tattoo meaning can really make a difference. In Buddhism, the tiger however has a different meaning and portrays foolishness and is one of the three silly animals that depict resentment.

The tiger therefore usually gives of a vibe of the following:

  • · Power
  • · Animosity
  • · Quality

People tend to get a tiger tattoo to show the animal’s characteristics because a tiger surely harbors such qualities.

Dragon and Tiger Tattoo Meaning Reveals Mysticism

In the Chinese Zodiac the mythical serpent or dragon is the fifth creature. Greek is the origin where the word took its English meaning being gigantic water serpent. In European stories the monster is known for its habitat significance as a cavern abiding serpent. In Asian stories and customs it is a symbol of knowledge, life span, power and magic.

Japanese Tiger Tattoo Meaning is Rather Evil

Tattoo Meaning is often seen harboring traits like quality, mettle, defender against bad fortunes, fiendishness spirits, and illness, wind. These traits have a mystery of their own.

The Japanese tiger tattoo gives off a sense of characteristics we ascribe to the genuine barbaric strength and additionally long life. The tiger tattoo is likewise used to avoid underhandedness spirits and bad fortunes, and additionally illness.

Tiger Lily Tattoo Meaning Can Sweep You off Your Feet

A simple flower or more than one could be engraved on the skin can make simple but a bright artistic impression. With a wide assortment of sorts and colors, it makes it easier for the tattoo wearers to get a skin art with pretty colors. Two of the most unmistakable of this luxuriance are the white lily and stargazer lily.

Lily symbolizes excellence, greatness and honor. Each one color of Lilly speaks to certain quality in a person. The white shade speaks to virtue; Calla Lilly is for quality and excellence while the Tiger Lilly is for pride and thriving.

11 Photos of the Tiger Tattoo Meaning Inspires Tattoo Fanatics

bengal tiger forearm tattoo on old school stylecara delevingne tiger finger little tattootiger stripe shoulder tattoo for creative peopleextreme tiger face tattoo on girl's headtiger scratch tattoo on the back for men and womenblack and grey tiger and skull tattoo on the side and stomachtiger arm tattoo in traditional stylebig tiger face back tattoocool simple tiger tattoo on the forearm for girlstiger and butterfly tattoo in traditional style on the chest and stomachcool tiger forearm tattoos for men and women

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