Cool Three Dots Tattoo Designs

Three Dots Tattoo On Face Meaning

If you meet someone who have three dots tattoo, or you are interested to make three dots tattoo, before you need to understand what does three dots tattoo meaning. Yes, nowadays there are many popular tattoo design, and you free to choose what you like, and you need to because tattoo will last forever, of course if you are not trying to remove it. So, what does three dots tattoo stands for? Actually there are many versions of this, and I trying to figure it out one by one.

Three Dots In A Triangle

First, three dots tattoo that formed to be a triangle is something that could be pride to be Latino people. They usually place the three dots tattoo on face, or three dots tattoo near eye. So, if you meet guy who have three dots tattoo on his face, specifically on near eye, I can assure that the guy is Latino people. Other, there are some people who make three dots tattoo on the hand, between two finger, thumb and index finger. On Latino words, the three dots tattoo also stand for my crazy life like skin color tattoo. Some other, three dots tattoo on left hand is linked with gangster, specifically Mexican, Cuba, or Russian gangster while some people on America saying that three dots in a row tattoo is symbolize freemasonry. When you look take a look on Wikipedia by hitting keyword three dots tattoo on Google, you also will get answer from Wikipedia that three dots tattoo is related with crime, and called one of many criminal tattoo.

Three Dots Tattoo On Shoulder

So, at the end you will find many three dots tattoo meaning. Just like three dots tattoo on wrist for Turkey which has meaning hear, see, and tell nothing. One thing stand for one dots. Or maybe three dots tattoo on face meaning for Mexican or Latino people that stand for their pride to be Latino people.

20 Photos of the Cool Three Dots Tattoo Designs

Three Dots In A Circle TattooThree Dots Tattoo MentalistThree Dot Tattoo On WristThree Dots Tattoo On ShoulderThree Dot Tattoo On FaceThree Dots Tattoo Behind EarThree Dots In A Row TattooThree Dots Tattoo Meaning By EyeThree Dots In A Line TattooThree Dots In A Triangle Tattoo MeaningCross With Three Dots TattooThree Dots Tattoo WristCross And Three Dots Tattoothree dots tattooThree Dots Tattoo On Face MeaningThree Dots Tattoo Near EyeThree Dots Tattoo Meaning Under Eye3 Dot Triangle TattooThree Dots And Two Lines TattooGang Tattoo Three Dots

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