The Symbolism behind Asian Tiger Tattoo & Others

creative man with tiger head tattoo in old school style

Tigers have long been part of myths and legends. The mighty tiger is a symbol for invincibility, strength and power. The tiger has long been a part of traditional and non-traditional tattoos. It represents strength, capability purity and beauty. The tiger, an endangered species has earned great recognition through being tattooed on people. If you plan on getting a tattoo like an Asian Tiger Tattoo, a tiger is an excellent choice.

If you choose a tiger tattoo, you can choose from a variety of styles. Each style holds a different meaning. The Japanese tiger tattoo will have different meanings from the Thai Tiger tattoo. Generally, however, if you choose a tiger, it means you’re emotional, sensitive and capable of great love. At the same time, it means that you can be stubborn and hot headed as well.

creative man with tiger head tattoo in old school style

Some of the most popular tiger tattoos you can get are:

  •  Asian Tiger Tattoo
  •  Japanese Tiger Tattoo
  •  Korean Tiger Tattoo
  •  Thai Tiger Tattoo
  •  The Asian Tiger Tattoo

The Asian Tiger tattoo is one of the most popular and demanded tattoos all over the world. In Asia, tigers play a major role in culture as well as in fashion, magic, carnivals and even art. The fur of the tiger, with its beautiful stripes makes it so much more attractive than any other animal. In fact, in China, the tiger is right up there with the Dragon and both are often combined to get a beautiful tattoo design.

Tattoo designs for Asian Tigers can include those of the Bengal Tiger, which is orange with black stripes, or the Siberian Tiger, which is white with black stripes. Either way, it symbolizes strength and the haunting beauty of these beasts. You can certainly choose a vivid design for yourself.

Japanese Tiger Tattoos

The Japanese hold the tiger in high graces. For them, it has not just the same traits of strength and courage but it also indicates long life. Japanese tiger tattoos are an indication towards warding off evil in any form like spirits and bad luck. This tattoo is also used to ward off diseases. Apart from this, the tigers are one of the four animals the Japanese hold sacred and they are a part of that culture.

Korean Tiger Tattoo

The Korean culture depicts the tiger as King of the Animals. To them, not only is the tiger a symbol of courage and strength, but also of violence and destruction. For them, a tiger is the symbol of the strength of life or the destructive power of evil, or both. The Korean Tiger tattoo has very string cultural roots and should be thought out accordingly.

Thai Tiger Tattoo

In the Thai culture, the tiger is supposed to depict 5 traits. These are:

  •  Protection
  •  Good Luck
  •  Success
  •  Strength
  •  Courage

The art of Thai tiger tattoo placement is done by practicing Buddhists with bamboo needles. The process is lengthy and painful. Of course, you can get yours done at a tattoo parlor with similar results.

If you feel uncomfortable with anything, you can always make a change before you get the tattoo placed. Remember, it’s permanent and therefore you must think deeply and make the decision.

12 Photos of the The Symbolism behind Asian Tiger Tattoo & Others

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