The Symbolism behind a Bear Paw Tattoo & Should You Get One

Bear's nails tattoo on the man chest

The sight of a bear paw tattoo has become very common, lately. You can often see the adornment on arms, in stunning colors and styles. These tattoos are becoming more common as people understand the symbolism behind the bear paw print. You can get these tattoos in a variety of sizes and modifications to suit your style. Bear claw tattoo brings a great style statement as well as a statement of strength.

The Symbolism of Bear Paw Tattoo

Tribal bear paw tattoo on woman's feet

Bears have always been known as a symbol of strength and wildness. These majestic beasts are glorious in real life, yet deadly. That is one of the things a bear paw/claw tattoo symbolizes. Other things that this tattoo can symbolize are

  • Strength
  • Bravery
  • Courage
  • Deep connection to nature

Apart from this, a bear claw tattoo can also signify motherhood. A female bear is of gentle nature but if provoked, she is fiercely protective of her cubs. This quality is always presented in women and this tattoo will signify that for you.

Bear Paw Print Tattoo also means a connection to the earth or resurrection. The Native Americans use this symbolism often. The bear is also associated with their culture in many ways. Generally, a bear paw print tattoo means power, strength and confidence, and who wouldn’t want that?

Types of Bear Paw Print Tattoos

There are many ways you can get the tattoo of a bear paw. You can use a variety of colors, you can try different placements or you can modify them to suit your style. Most of the tattoo lovers choose the black color for these tattoos because it seems the natural choice. Other colors look just as stunning. You can get these tattoos on your arm, your foot, your back or even a matching pair above the hip bones. Hence the choices are diverse.

Should You Get Tattooed With A Bear Claw?

This is the question you must answer yourself. However, if the bear claw signifies to you any of the above mentioned traits, such as confidence or a connection to nature, you can certainly go for one. You can also get one of these tattoos to help you to be confident and positive. A bear paw tattoo is certainly a great choice for all.

A tattoo is a permanent idea, so make sure you know what you’re going for. Once you’ve made the decision, you should be able to choose the bear paw design that suits your nature and the design and the placement will come to you naturally. These tattoos are certainly a great way to indicate your strength and confidence.

11 Photos of the The Symbolism behind a Bear Paw Tattoo & Should You Get One

Bear's nails tattoo on the man chestBear claws man tattoo artMan bear paw big tattoo on the legBear paws tattoo on the backTeddy bear paws tattoos design on the neckTribal bear paw tattoo on woman's feetTattoo with big bear paw on shoulderBlack bear paws tattoo behind woman earBear paw tattoo design in the legGeometric bear paw men tatooBig bear paw tatoo on the chest
White Ink Tattoo
White Ink Tattoo
Man bear paw big tattoo on the leg
Man Bear Paw Tattoo
The Numeric Characters Tattoo
Sinners And Saints Tattoo Wareham
Sinners And Saints Tattoo Wareham