The Star Tattoo Meaning – The Sign of Achievement

woman with two black sexy star tattoos

Let’s just think for a while, what comes to your mind; when you think of a star. Is it; what you ever wanted to be? You want to achieve that? Or you want to find it, maybe? Whatever it is, it’s pretty clear that a star is thought off in many different ways.

It makes to have a lot of different meanings that may include:

man with colorful elbow star and star arm tattoos
  • Guidance
  • Intuition
  • Divinity
  • Hope
  • Achievement
  • Honor
  • Good Luck

Basically, the meaning of a star tattoo depends on its shape, color and state. So, below is a list of different types of star tattoos with their relative meanings.

  1. Nautical Star Tattoo Meaning: It is a north star with five pointed sides with each side divided into half and both halves colored with different shades. The most common color combinations are black & red, and black & green. The nautical star tattoo meaning is related to their use of the sailors. This star is considered a symbol of Guidance, good luck and hope.
  2. Red Star Tattoo Meaning: It is a type of nautical star. The red star tattoo meaning is slightly different from the meaning of nautical star tattoo. Where a nautical star is a symbol of guidance, a red star symbolizes that the person has achieved his/ her aim.
  3. Moon and star tattoo meaning: The moon and star tattoo meaning are a bit different from others. It has two different meanings. Firstly, it is a symbol of love and affection. Secondly, it also means to achieve a great success. Like it’s said “Aim for the moon, if you miss, may it a star”.
  4. Shooting star tattoo meaning: We all find a shooting star quite interesting, fascinating and unique. It really is or it is not but it just looks amazing. A shooting star tattoo meaning is also very interesting. A shooting star is a symbol of good luck, a wish coming true and a change in your life.
  5. Star tattoo behind ear meaning: The star tattoo behind ear meaning is not much different from the meaning of simple star tattoo. It means intuition and because of it its location, it is considered something personal and hidden.
  6. Russian star tattoo meaning: The Russian star tattoo meaning is associated with the Russian crime world. In Russia, a star tattoo has 2 meanings. Firstly, it means Otritsala. Secondly, it means for Vor v zakone; which is the elite of the Russian crime world.
  7. 3 stars tattoo meaning: The 3 stars tattoo meaning relates to the person’s journey in life. It means that you are on the road that takes you to your destination. The path you are on leads you to the success that you always wanted.

The above mentioned is a list of so many different types of star tattoos that you can have. Surely, some of them would define the journey of your life. So, choose a star tattoo that you think fits your life and describes your struggle and strengths in the best way.

12 Photos of the The Star Tattoo Meaning – The Sign of Achievement

girl with cute colorful star tattoos on neckmeteorite with simple star ear tattoos for girlsman with big 3d star shoulder tattoothree colorful star tattoos on the wristattractive girl with north star stomach tattoossimple moon and star forearm tattooblondy girl with many black small star face tattoostar line with small red centre star tattoo on legthree small star wrist tattoos for girlswoman with two black sexy star tattoosman with colorful elbow star and star arm tattooswell-built man with two big star chest tattoos

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