The Mystical Yin Yang Tattoo Meaning

man with ethno yin yang forearm tattoo

The art of tattoos is as old as mankind itself. Even in the earliest civilization, forms of tattoos for various purposes have been discovered. Since the Chinese civilization is one of the oldest in the world, it is one of the first instances that are reported related to tattoo making.

The most widely used tattoo designs in the Chinese Civilization (as well as in the modern world) are the yin yang symbol. As old as time, these symbols are not only aesthetically appealing, but loaded with meanings as well. The yin yang symbol lies at the very core of the Chinese Philosophy.

forearm yin yang tattoo for creative people

Deciphering the Yin Yang Tattoo Meaning

The fundamental concept of yin yang is that everything exists in pairs. But point to be noted here is that, the pairs aren’t meant to be identical. By pairing, the Chinese meant a pair in which both entities are opposite to one another.

Translated into modern day language, it can be interpreted as a phrase “every action has a reaction”. In numerous places, it can also be conceived as the phrase “opposite attract”. Whatever the case, the symbols assert that co existing along with an opposite of the same entity is actually complementary.

What message do people want to convey through yin yang tattoos:

People get tattoos for personal purposes. They want to tell something to the world. The most likely and frequently occurring messages that people want to convey through yin yang tattoos are:

  • Peace and harmony : The person wants to insist that everyone should live in peace and harmony, both on a individual and collective level
  • Acceptance: The yin yang tattoo symbolizes acceptance for any people. It shows that they accept the both good and bad things must happen in life. One must go through hard times to appreciate the happy times
  • Dual Nature: Some people do not possess a uniform or predictable nature. Using this symbol may be a way of warning that they may not always be what they seem.

Hidden Philosophies of the Yin Yang Tattoo Meaning

Opposite entities coexisting at the same time actually represent perfect harmony or perfect balance. The Chinese implemented this concept in every walk of life. Man and woman, light and dark, sin and goodness, hell and heaven, life and death, fire and water, hot and cold, happy and sad and the good & bad. It is asserted that one cannot exist without the other.

Everything is in yin yang, interconnection and subsequently giving rise to each other. It has not been proved, but it is said that the symbol was first used to describe human race collectively. The white represents the women; the black represents the men, nestled and dependent on each other.

12 Photos of the The Mystical Yin Yang Tattoo Meaning

forearm yin yang tattoo for creative peopledreamcatcher yin yang back tattoo for girlyin yang hip tattoo about day and night for girlsbig owl yin yang tattoo on the girl's backcool skateboard yin yang shoulder tattoogirl with hippy yin yang back tattoobig snake yin yang tattoo on the backcolorful koi fish yin yang back tattootraditional small yin yang tattoo for girlsblack yin yang pair wrist tattooman with ethno yin yang forearm tattoocool yin yang back tattoo for girls and women

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