The Mystical Chinese Dragon Tattoo

monochrome chinese dragon tattoo for men's chest

The Chinese dragon tattoo is a popular symbol of the Asian country. A recent movie, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” has increased interest in these beautiful designs. The Chinese dragon is similar to other Asian dragons. This dragon is, however, startlingly different from the European vision of the beasts. Chinese dragons are positive symbols that represent:

  • Power
  • Prosperity
  • Wisdom
  • Guidance
  • Good Luck
  • Strength
  • Asian Heritage

The Dragon in Culture

bright dragon chinese tattoo all over the body

Traditional Chinese dragon tattoos uphold the age old spirituality and symbolism of the beasts. In Chinese culture, the dragon is a serpent-like creature. In both ancient and modern China, the dragon can is worshipped. People pray to dragons for luck and prosperity. Dragons in Chinese culture, however, only award their auspicious help to those who are worthy. These dragons are powerful beings. They have been said to control rains, hurricanes, flooding, and any other source of water.
Chinese Dragon Tattoo meanings correlate with these beliefs. They can be a plea for the wisdom and guidance of the dragon. Furthermore, the Chinese try to emulate the wise and powerful qualities and ask for assistance from dragons with these tattoos. The tattoos can also be a symbol of one’s ties to Chinese heritage.

The Tattoo

Chinese dragon tattoo designs typically adhere to the culturally accepted view of the dragon. In Chinese culture, the dragon is a serpent-like creature. Unique to their depiction of the beast, the Chinese Dragon has four legs. Depending on the dynasty, the dragon can have 2,3,4, and even 5 claws on each foot. Additionally, designs come in a wide variety of colors, although red and gold are common. They are often spiraling and swirling figures that travel up an arm or leg. Tattoos are also often found spiraling on the back.
The tattoos can be accompanied by other aspects of design. For example, cherry blossoms are another popular symbol of Chinese culture. Dragons in tattoos can often be seen amongst the blossoms. They can also be near traditional Chinese structures or Chinese lettering.
If you’re looking to remember the qualities of the Dragon, perhaps a tattoo would help your connection. These beautiful, swirling designs in the traditional style pack centuries’ worth of culture into ink. In each tattoo there are pleas for guidance, pride in heritage, praise for the dragon’s power, and a love for the unique culture.

Be a dragon, smart, wise, and powerful, with a dragon tattoo!



10 Photos of the The Mystical Chinese Dragon Tattoo

tribal chinese black dragon back tattoochinese dragon tattoo on the man's backwoman dragon chinese tattoo on buttockcolourful dragon chinese tattoo on the woman backmonochrome chinese dragon tattoo for men's chestbright dragon chinese tattoo all over the bodyfemale dragon chinese tattoo on the backancient dragon chinese red&black tattoo on legangelina jolie chinese tattoored&black dragon chinese tattoo with chinese letters

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