The Many Lion Tattoo Designs

lion head arm tattoo for men and women

Lion tattoo designs have come a long way in representing the incredible qualities of the king of the beasts. These tattoos and symbols have been prevalent since ancient times. Today, there is a variety of primitive and modern tattoo choices. Some styles include:

  • Tribal lion tattoos

big fierce lion tattoo on the man's chest
  • Traditional lion tattoos

  • Modern/realistic lion tattoos

  • Girly lion tattoos

  • Lion of Judah tattoos

  • Tribal lion tattoos are a good choice for the imaginative. These designs are made in bold, abstract black. Black lines form patterns that comprise the flowing mane. This style is good for lion head designs.

    The traditional style is more modern than the tribal tattoos. Traditional tattooing was a movement in western culture. The early style involves thick black outlines and a limited color palate. As a result, this style is good for simple, cartoonish characters.

    Modern tattoos are much more realistic than the two earlier styles. Today artists can ink lions that look real. Lion tattoos for men tend to favor large versions of this style more than women. These make good large shoulder, chest, and back tattoos.

    Lion tattoos for women, on the other hand, can be somewhat different. Women sometimes prefer to a smaller realistic lion tattoo between the shoulder blades, on the waist, or on the thigh. Abstract designs are also a good choice for women. One popular option is to have the mane dissolve into flowers or other designs.

    Sometimes people get tattoos to commemorate the Lion King. This popular movie features a young lion cub named Simba who loses his father and must save the pack. The movie has been a favorite for years and inspires many tattoos

    The lion of Judah tattoo is usually depicted with a crown, scepter, flag, or words to separate this design from other lions. This tattoo is a symbol of the Israeli tribe of Judah from which Jesus descended. It is a popular religious symbol.

    The choices of lion tattoos are infinite. There are plenty of designs of each type already in existence. You could also design your own. Each tattoo is unique in some respects. Browse some of the many lion tattoo designs and you’re sure to be wowed.

    Be the king of your own jungle with a lion tattoo!

    13 Photos of the The Many Lion Tattoo Designs

    winged lion tattoo on the man's chestbig fierce lion tattoo on the man's chestcara delevingne little lion finger tattoolion head arm tattoo for men and womenbig colourful lion back girl's tattoolion crest tattoo on the man's shoulderman with lion of judah tattoo on the backold school lion tattoo on the hand of mancolourful lion king cartoon tattoocool lion in the frame tattoo on the legabstract lion face tattoo on the woman's legbeautiful realistic lion shoulder tattoosmall lion tattoo on the forearm of girl

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