The Intrigue of Scorpion Tattoo Designs

man with great 3d scorpion shoulder tattoo

Scorpion tattoos were usually associated with gangsters and criminals. But with tattoos becoming more of an art than a taboo, scorpion tattoo designs have are in the mainstream.

Why Scorpion Tattoo Designs are Widespread?

big man with blue scorpion shoulder tattoo

In the modern age, scorpion tattoo designs are no longer associated with crime and rebel. They are now seen as stylish and intriguing. The shape of the scorpion is flexible when it comes to drawing. Therefore, it can be easily modified to make it more artistic.

Features of Scorpion Tattoos for Men

Scorpions are deadly and predatory creatures. They are often feared and considered lethal. Due to this predatory streak, a scorpion tattoos are used by men at most. This showcases their masculinity and their physical strength. Scorpion tattoos for men have also been associated with ferocity and strength. Therefore, many men, especially those who belong to the military profession, get scorpion tattoos on their arms. Scorpion tattoos for men also depict virility and willfulness.

Men who believe in zodiac may also get a scorpion tattoo if they really believe in the horoscopes. A scorpion tattoo depicts that the bearer is a fighter and a survivor.

Scorpion Tattoos Not Just for Men

In the past, girls who got scorpion tattoos were considered masculine and untrustworthy. However, this has changed with time and now more and more people are embracing this idea. Scorpion tattoos for girls may seem intimidating and vulgar at first. But they can be quite beautiful if they are nicely done. In fact, in ancient times, female scorpions were associated with sensuality and attraction.

If any girl wants to showcase her sensual side, she can choose from the scorpion tattoos for girls. The main difference between scorpion tattoos for girls and those for men is that the scorpion may be surrounded by floral designs when done for girls.

Here are some more qualities associated with scorpion tattoos:

  • Intriguing
  • Feminine as well as masculine attraction
  • Good imagination
  • Sexual prowess
  • Dignity

Showing the Independent Spirit

Scorpion tattoos for women are becoming more and more in vogue now. The main reason is that this allows them to break free of the shackles of a male dominant society. Scorpion tattoos for women have become a sign of freedom and liberation. They denote the feminine individuality of the bearer.

11 Photos of the The Intrigue of Scorpion Tattoo Designs

scorpion geisha tattoo for men in old school styleold school scorpion tattoo on the armcute scorpion stomach attoos for girlsbig man with blue scorpion shoulder tattoo3d scorpion shoulder tattoos for creative mencool brown scorpion hand tattoo for mensmall scorpion forearm tattoo in traditional styleblack scorpion tattoo i traditional style for menbrown scorpion back tattoo for menlittle cute scorpion tattoo for girlsman with great 3d scorpion shoulder tattoo

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