The Evergreen Trend of Elephant Tattoo Designs

the best coloured geometrical elephant tattoo

Tattoos have always been a delicate matter of discussion. Some might even consider it inappropriate or even a taboo, however, at the end everyone is convinced for their significance. Tattoos have gained recognition as a sign of uniqueness and independence. There are a myriad of designs that are used as tattoos, but perhaps the most frequently seen are the various forms of elephant tattoo designs.

Elephant Tattoo Ideas in Trend

coloured indian elephant with flowers sleeve tattoos

First of all, the main reason why many people would choose elephant tattoo designs is the fact that an elephant related graphics and motifs can be modified in many ways. Because of this possible diversity, two elephant tattoo ideas will never be the same. There are always many ways in which elephants can be etched into your skin. The elephant’s body proportions as well as facial structures are so unique, that they can be easily made into different silhouettes and stamps for the skin.

Deciphering the Meaning of Elephant Tattoo Designs

Whenever you see an elephant, the first thing that pops up in your head is the easy grace and calmness of an animal that is so large. Therefore, elephants are usually considered as a symbol of grace and poise. Many people, mostly girls, get an elephant tattoo on their lower backs or shoulders to symbolize natural grace. An elephant tattoo is one which looks cool and unique without being tacky or obscene.

Here are some more meanings and messages that are portrayed by elephant tattoos:

  • A black elephant on the arm of a man is seen as a symbol of physical strength and endurance
  • A white elephant is often considered the most fertile mammal.
  • Two to three elephants (or elephant heads) depicted together represent eternal loyalty.

Elephant tattoo ideas are in abundance. Its not only because of the physical or aesthetic appeal of the design. It is also because of the deep symbolism and meaning hidden behind the image of an elephant. Apart from grace, an elephant has been a symbol of wisdom. An elephant has always been observed to remarkably intelligent, and possessing a good memory. These characteristics have translated into various elephant tattoo designs for body art.

In some countries, an elephant also has religious roots. Buddhists and Hindus use the elephant as a spiritual symbol. In Hinduism, an elephant depicts their Lord Ganesha. Buddha had chosen an elephant to depict peace and divinity when he preached.

13 Photos of the The Evergreen Trend of Elephant Tattoo Designs

elephant trunk hip tattoo for girlselephant butterfly head tattoo on the shouldersmall elephant tattoo on the girl's wristtraditional elephant forearm tattoo for men and womencute black elephant shoulder tattoothe best coloured geometrical elephant tattoonice baby elephant side tattoogrey elephant head hip tattoo3d elephant tattoos on black peoplelilies elephant side tattoo for girls and womenindian elephant tattoo old school stylecoloured indian elephant with flowers sleeve tattoosgreat dali elephant back tattoo

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