The Elusive Panther Tattoo Meaning

crawling black panther tattoo on the man's chest

Panther tattoo meanings can vary depending on person to person. These tattoos are quite popular, so many people have their own unique meanings. The panther have some universal connotations, however. These are:

  • Versatility
  • Talent
  • Solitude
  • Caution
  • Curiosity
  • The powers of the night
  • Mystery
  • Passions
  • Feminine energy and strength

The sleek, dark pelt of the panther coupled with its gripping yellow eyes make perfect for legends and folklore. The animal has been regarded by Central American tribes as the God of Darkness. It is said to be able to cause eclipses and swallow the sun. Early tribes viewed the panther as a powerful, mysterious beast. As a result, Black Panther tattoo meanings often encompass these awestruck views.

simple old school panther tattoo with women hands

The panther can run, climb, and swim better than the might tiger. For this reason, the panther is widely regarded as a symbol of versatility. This meaning makes the panther a popular tattoo among artists of any kind.

Furthermore, the panther has a defined, muscular feline body. Cats around the world have been used as symbols for feminism. The panther tattoo meanings are no exception. The graceful feline bodies make them a powerful representative of feminine grace, beauty, and mystery.

Mystery and curiosity are other meanings of this tattoo. These meanings are true of most cats. The panther’s mysterious black pelt, however, makes it the epitome of the night-stalking jungle cats. In fact, this black pelt makes them a symbol of the night. Night owls and insomniacs alike enjoy this tattoo for its relation to the darkness.

As with any cat, the panther can also be a symbol of curiosity. Just be careful identifying with this meaning. As we all know, “curiosity killed the cat.” Still, cautious and careful observers identify with the powerful and watchful eyes of the cat.

The panther is a graceful yet ferocious jungle cat. Many people are mystified by its potency and secrecy as it lurks in the shadows. Some identify with the energy of these tattoos. People who can identify with the panther tattoo meanings are often very interesting to be around.

Stalk the night with this mysterious jungle cat tattoo!

10 Photos of the The Elusive Panther Tattoo Meaning

traditional panther tattoo on the legsimple old school panther tattoo with women handspanther head tattoo on the pretty girl's kneecrawling black panther tattoo on the man's chestblack panther tattoo on the girl's hipcrawliing black panther tattoos for brave personpanther head tattoos on the man's neckfierce panther tattoo on the man's neckblack panther face girl's chest tattoobig panther head tattoo on the girl's full back
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