The Diverse World of Shark Tattoo Meanings

grey shark stomach tattoo for sexy girls

Tattoos have become a form of art in the present world. With the passage of time, tattoos and their meanings have become versatile. Now, most tattoos mean what the wearer wants them to mean. Spirit, bravery, resilience and rebellion are amongst the primary messages that people want to convey by their tattoos. One such widely used tattoo is the shark tattoo. Different interpretations have come across with the passage of time. Listing down all shark tattoo meanings can be an odious task, since there are so many of them.

Delving into the World of Shark Tattoo Meanings

girl with excellent whale shark hip tattoo

Many people may be ignorant and get a shark tattoo simply because it looks cool. However, a number of tattoo lovers do have a good knowledge of shark tattoo meanings. Sharks are used as tattoos to induce fear in the onlookers. It is a befitting meaning due to the ferocious nature of sharks. The strength and predatory power of a person can be translated graphically by a shark tattoo.

Shark tattoos also symbolize the staunch and invincible spirit of the shark. People get shark tattoos to show their free and strong spirit. Some people also get shark tattoos to mark themselves as survivors. They want to impress upon the onlooker that they can survive anything that life throws at them.

There are also some religious interpretations attached to shark tattoo meanings. A Hindu God Vishnu is often drawn between the jaws of the shark, which gives the message that Nature and its components cannot be overridden. Many Hindus use this symbol as a tattoo to show their love and reverence for nature.

Some of the famous interpretations of shark tattoos are as follows:

  • Acute senses
  • Physical endurance
  • Stubbornness
  • Rebellion
  • Aggression
  • Symbol of victory
  • Confident
  • Active minds
  • Self assurance
  • Fearless

Hammerhead Shark tattoo Meaning and Its Popularity

Amongst the different kinds of shark tattoos, the most sought after tattoo is the hammerhead shark tattoo. Given the large variety of Hammerhead shark tattoo meaning, it is easy say that to why it is so famous. Out of all species of sharks, the hammerhead shark is a born warrior. Therefore, many military personnel get a hammerhead tattoo to denote their warrior nature.

In Hawaiian legends, the hammerhead shark was supposed to be the guardian of the sea. It protected the sailors and smaller animals form large water demons and monsters. Therefore, the hammerhead shark tattoo is seen as a guardian symbol.

12 Photos of the The Diverse World of Shark Tattoo Meanings

man with big tiger shark side tattoogreat shark full stomach. chest and arms tattoo with compassgrey shark chest tattoo for well-build menshark tooth tattoo behind ear for girlsgrey shark stomach tattoo for sexy girlsfunny hammerhead shark leg tattoo with letteringgreat black shark with harpoon stomach tattoogirl with excellent whale shark hip tattooboy with japanese shark shoulder tattooman with new school shark forearm tattooold school shark with skull tattoo on the leggreat sharks full stomach and chest tattoo for men

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