The Allure of the Shark Tattoo Designs

man with beautiful mako shark full back tattoo

Shark tattoo designs are amongst the most stylish and sought after tattoo designs. While the popularity can be mostly attributed to the aesthetic appeal, there are many other intriguing reasons for it. First of all, it is a flexible and versatile tattoo. A shark tattoo can be made to mean what the wearer wants it to mean. This has made it one of the most widely chosen tattoo designs.

Why shark tattoo designs are so desirable?

hawaiian head of shark tattoo on the hip

Sharks are often associated with power. This has made them a favorite symbol for people who are in position of power. A shark tattoo will symbolize and tell about people who hold the power. Many people also use shark tattoos to strike terror in the hearts of the enemies. This makes it a popular choice of tattoo for military personnel.

Shark tattoos work well in situations where you require intimidating the other person. The personality of the shark depicts a strong character. This is denoted by a shark tattoo as well.

Shark Tattoos for Men – Sign of Machismo

It is true, that sharks have haunted the nightmares of men. Their ferocity, their blood thirst and predatory nature is truly fearful. According to the region and culture, shark tattoos for men mean different things.

A few of them are as follows:

  • Hawaiian men believe shark tattoos will bring forth strong and healthy male offspring
  • In Fiji, shark tattoos for men are associated with a love for life. Shark denotes activeness and vitality.
  • Calculating and sharp, sharks are known for their intelligence. Hence, many men, especially in secret services, like to get shark tattoos.

Significance of Traditional Shark Tattoo

Shark tattoos aren’t just the art of modern times. In fact, they are very old and had great significance in ancient times. The earliest traditional shark tattoo has been known since the dawn of time. In prehistoric days, a shark tattoo was painted or burned into the skin of the person to denote him as the best hunter.

Later on, traditional shark tattoo became an important part of the lives of seamen. From a young age, seamen painted their bodies with shark tattoos to invoke the blessing of the sea gods, and seek protection. Moreover, a special tattoo of the hammerhead shark also has great importance. It is believed to protect sea men and the smaller animals from sea monsters.

11 Photos of the The Allure of the Shark Tattoo Designs

hawaiian head of shark tattoo on the hipline black shark arm tattoo for men and womendied black shark tattoo in traditional styleon man's headwhite shark mouth forearm tattoo for mencoloured shark tattoo in traditional style with patternswhite shark jaw hand tattoo for creative peopleman with beautiful mako shark full back tattooman with funny hammerhead shark side tattooman with new school shark forearm tattoocool 3d shark armpit tattoo for menattractive boy with shark into parts tattoo on the head

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