Tattoo with the image of an ant

ant tattoo

Not everybody is ready to have oneself tattooed with the image of an ant or, more than that, ants. However, the image of an ant is rather popular in the culture of tattooing in many countries. The tattoos with ants are commonly chosen by people which admire the regulation and organization of ants’ life and community. Sometimes, ants tattoos are chosen as a threat in order to attract attention to one’s eccentricity since many people are afraid of insects or are disgusted with them when touching.

The Chinese people regard the ant as a symbol of justice and virtue, Buddhists honor the white ant as a symbol of self-limitation and mildness, the Estonians refer to the ant as a precursor of good and kind events, but the inhabitants of Bulgaria and Switzerland, on the contrary, perceive the ant as a herald of misfortune.  In India the  ant was  a sacred animal, and some tribes of American Indians consider it to be their forefather, therefore, the totem.

ant tattoo

Ants are considered to be industrious and skilled creatures. Their best properties are often referred to in proverbs sayings.   That is why many people make tattoos with an ant or several crawling ants. But you should also keep in mind that in many oriental cultures ants are associated with excessive bustling and incapacity to note and realize things that are really important. Such a tattoo attracts attention at once, since nobody expects to see a lot of ants on a person.  But it is not always possible to make such a tattoo enough pleasant for sight.

Ants can work hard and perform great changes despite their tiny size. They symbolize the capacity to work hard, wisdom and foresight.  They work all together for the sake of common well-being.  The strength of ants is striking considering their proportions. Ants are social insects as well as bees and wasps. They live in colonies where every plays its role in order to survive together. Ants prosper over the whole globe with the exception of some islands. In many cultures people eat ants and use them as a medicine.

The most striking and rare variant is the tattoo with ants crawling all over the body. Often people have their arms and legs tattooed. Sometimes the tattoo presents a cartoon ant’s head.  Even a single ant if it is well drawn looks charming. Usually ants are drawn in black or red. The whole body of an ant or only its head  may be drawn.

10 Photos of the Tattoo with the image of an ant

ant tattooant tattooant tattooant on shoulder tattooant tattooant tattooant tattooant tattooant tattooant tattoo

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