Tattoo with the image of a goat


Many people consider that a goat – a silly primitive animal, however it far not so. The goat personifies certain superiority over others, courage and dignity. Male carriers of such tattoo inform world around on the man’s principles, firmness and a impenetrableness for calls of cruel reality. For women the goat is a symbol of abundance and fertility.

At the different peoples and cultures the goat subject is treated in their own way. Ancient Greek-Roman traditions connected an image of a goat with many gods, and in the Scandinavian mythology the horned creature accompanies the Torah – god of fertility, a thunder and a rain. Jews consider this animal lewd and trite. The head of a goat is often used in drawing tattoos in prison.

Tatto for men goats head on his ches

The special attention is paid to scale of goat’s horns. The impressive sizes, boldness and luxury of this attribute emphasizes strengths and solidity of the carrier of a tattoo. You shouldn’t believe that the man with such drawing on a body is “cuckold” and his sexual relations come to grief. Any sane man won’t deliver himself such stamp. On the contrary, a goat with huge horns is an indicator of the subjugator not only mountain tops, but also ladies’ hearts.

10 Photos of the Tattoo with the image of a goat

pink-goat-on-his-backgray-goat-on-the-hipgreen goat knee tatto for menTatto for men goats head on his chesgray goat on hand tatto for menred-goat-on-his-shouldergreen goat on his stomach tatto for mengoat on the back Tatto for mengoats head on his shoulder Tatto for menmystical-goats-head-on-his-chest

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