Meaning of tattoos squirrel

Squirrel Tattoo

Quite often the squirrel tattoo meets. The image of this forest small animal looks very playfully and originally. But not all know that this forest beauty actually symbolizes. Squirrel in different cultures and religions had different and often opposite meanings since ancient times.

The squirrel in ancient mythology was closely connected with symbols of fire, the sun and light. Also it symbolized a lightning and a thunder.

tattoo squirrel

In the modern a squirrel tattoo is a symbol of improvement of welfare, wealth, abundance and fertility. Somewhat the squirrel can mean greed and avarice, but at the same time it can be thriftiness, economy.

One more values of a tattoo of squirrel is an endurance, persistence and working capacity. This one of those few animals who so scrupulously and persistently does food stocks for the winter. Also a squirrel – a sign a few selfish, but optimistical, dexterous, vigorous and active people.

What meaning people  put in tattoo of squirrel, such drawing will always bring only positive emotions, to decorate any part of a body, to cause enthusiastic views of people around, and to the owner it will give only joy.

10 Photos of the Meaning of tattoos squirrel

Squirrel TattoosSquirrel Tattoostattoo squirreltattoo squirrelSquirrel Tattootattoo squirrelSquirrel Tattootattoo squirreltattoo squirrelSquirrel Tattoos

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