Snake Tattoo Designs

winged snake skeleton tattoo on the back

The utterly unique anatomy of the snake makes snake tattoo designs lively and imaginative pieces of artwork. The snake is revered for many qualities. It is known for fertility, cunning, transformation, balance, eternity, and hidden knowledge. There are a number of ways to represent this marvelous creature in ink. Some styles are:

  • Traditional snake tattoos

black snake wrist tattoo for girls
  • 3d snake tattoos

  • Tribal snake tattoos

  • Modern/realistic snake tattoos

  • Styles of Designs

    Old school snake tattoos are done in the style of traditional tattooing. These designs are cartoonlike, simple, and colorful. They often have bold black outlines. On the other hand, new school snake tattoos, or, modern tattoos, can be quite realistic. This style is high quality art.

    3D snake tattoos are amazing masterpieces. They are depicted in way that makes them appear to pop out of the skin. They are often drawn to be crawling in and out of the flesh. These tattoos may be a bit scary. Nevertheless, they are sure to be noticed for their realism.

    Tribal tattoos are abstract figures with bold black designs. These tattoos capture the lithe elegance of the snake. They are sometimes more popular with women. Snake tattoos for girls are usually of lighter color and smaller size than tattoos for guys. Sometimes women prefer a friendly looking snake. Other times they want an intimidating creature. Because snakes symbolize femininity, they make good lean and graceful designs. Snake tattoos for girls can capture the feminine essence.

    Snake tattoo designs are sometimes accompanied by other figures. For example, men and women who work as EMTs often get snakes wrapped around a dagger or staff. This symbol represents healing. Moreover, sometimes women pair their designs with flowers. For the large part, however, the snake tattoo speaks for itself.

    If you are considering a snake tattoo and don’t know where to start, luck is on your side. There are thousands of snake designs already out in the world to choose from. You could also just as easily create your own. There are many different styles that might appeal to you. Enjoy cunning and symbolic snake tattoo designs.

    Find the slithering serpent design that represents you!

    12 Photos of the Snake Tattoo Designs

    old school snake and girl arm tattooskull and snake and eagle tattoo on the stomachman with eagle and snake full back tattoowinged snake skeleton tattoo on the backold school snake and daggers arm tattoobright realistic 3D snake tattoo on the girl's sidesexy snake tattoo for girlsblack snake wrist tattoo for girlscolourful snake and flowers tattoo on the legdouble snakes with flowers tattoo on the stomachbig bright red snake back tattootraditional snake and panther tattoo on the arm

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