Slithering Tribal Snake Tattoos

snake foot tribal tattoo for girls and women

Tribal snake tattoos bear some of the most potent symbolism in tattoo history. Snakes have been representatives of an extremely wide variety of qualities throughout the ages. Some qualities, however, are better than others. Consequently, snakes have been feared, worshipped, and emulated all the same. Some of the qualities they represent are:

  • Rebirth

snake ankle slim tribal tattoo for women
  • Patience

  • Fertility

  • Eternity

  • Balance

  • Cunning

  • Intuition

  • Awareness

  • Healing

  • Intellect

  • Protection

  • Transformation

  • Duality

  • Hidden knowledge

  • Snakes in Tribal Culture

    Native American tribes adored the snake for its many positive qualities. The snake’s ability to shed its skin made it a prime symbol of transformation. Tribes upheld the snake for shedding its old self for a new and better version.

    Furthermore, snakes were regarded as a symbol of fertility and motherhood. Snake mothers tend to their nest of eggs diligently. For this, tribes made the snake a feminine symbol. In fact, the Hopi tribe of North America performed a dance to commemorate the snake. The snake dance was a way of praying for good crops and fertility.

    Snake also often represented dualities in tribal culture. They could be depicted with two heads to show the good and the bad coexisting peacefully. This style of snake artwork makes them symbols of harmony and unity.

    The Tattoo

    Tribal snake tattoos reflect traditional tribal style. These tattoos are abstracted snakes made with bold, black lines and patterns. The lithe, long body of the snake makes them perfect for elongated, flowing tattoos. These tribal tats are good for encircling arms and legs, or accentuating the curvature of muscle.

    Snake tattoo designs are also great for representing the qualities of the snake. The bold yet lithe designs seem to slither across the skin. Tattoos can appear sleek and cunning or fierce and ready to strike. It all depends on what qualities the wearer is trying to emulate. It is stunning how much character can be embedded in just a little bit of ink.

    Snakes have slithered their way into our hearts over the centuries. Their unique nature makes them interesting candidates for legends and mythology. Tribal culture has painted snakes as mysterious, powerful beings. They have been praised and feared. Perhaps you want to let these bold designs swirl around your arm or leg. Wherever they are placed and for whatever reason, tribal snake tattoos are stunning tattoos.

    It is the best way to showcase your power through Tribal snake tattoos

    10 Photos of the Slithering Tribal Snake Tattoos

    traditional tribal snake forearm tattoosmall snake tribal tattoo on the girl's necksnake ankle slim tribal tattoo for womensnake foot tribal tattoo for girls and womenbig tribal snake tattoo on the man's legman with tribal snake wrapped around arm tattootribal black snake tattoo for menblack snake skeleton tribal tattoo on the girl's sidetribal snake and arrows tattoo on the stomachtribal black snake man's arm tattoo

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