Skull Tattoos: The Attraction of Indian Skull Tattoos & the Likes

indian black and white skull big tattoo on the stomach

Skull tattoos are some of the most versatile designs for tattoos that you can come across. A skull can signify many things, from strength to respect for the dead. It all depends on the style and the placement you choose for your tattoo. There are many skull tattoos like the Indian Skull tattoos that you can choose from, according to your taste.

Some of the skull tattoos that you can choose from are as follows:

red skull chest tattoo with black flowers

1.Indian skull tattoo
2. Mexican skull tattoo
3. Aztec skull tattoos
4. Japanese skull tattoo
5. Latin skulls tattoo
6. Tibetan skull tattoo
7. Viking skull tattoo
8. Celtic skull tattoos
9. Irish skull tattoo
10. Spanish skull tattoo

Indian Skull Tattoo

The Indian Skull tattoo, often drawn as a skull wearing a chief headdress is one of the most popular designs you will ever come across in your hunt for the perfect tattoo. This tattoo signifies strength and wisdom, as well as power. These are also known as Native American skull tattoos. These indicate a great respect for the tribe chief as well as a wish for strength and power, or indicate that the wearer is powerful.

Mexican Skull Tattoo

Mexican skull tattoos or Mexican sugar skull tattoos are popular for the reason that they celebrate death in positive way. This skull is made primarily with bright colors and attracts the person. Most Mexicans associate these tattoos with Day of The Dead. These tattoos are also known as Spanish skull tattoos.

Aztec Skull Tattoos

The Aztec skull tattoos or the Maya skull tattoos are mostly a tribal affair that honors their ancient warriors. The tattoo signifies strength, power and bravery. It is certainly an excellent tattoo to choose, if you’re planning on choosing a skull tattoo.

Japanese Skull Tattoo

The Japanese skull tattoo, like all other Japanese works of art is a true description of color and shape. The tattoo, unlike most other skull tattoos signifies change. The skull in Japanese tattoo art is meant to signify the positivity of the natural life cycle. It represents life and death, and the change they bring about.

Latin Skulls Tattoo

Latin skulls tattoo or Hispanic skulls tattoos resemble the Mexican tattoos greatly. These are also known as sugar skull tattoos and signify a respect for the dead. They indicate that the person for whom the tattoo was made was very special and will be remembered always.

Tibetan Skull Tattoo

The Tibetan Skull Tattoo, often inscribed with a third eye has a deep meaning. These highly intricate tattoos are a symbol for impermanence, for the human life. It shows that the human life is never permanent and that it will end someday. The third eye in the skull is the symbol for wisdom. It is also an insight into reality of life as it really is.

Viking Skull Tattoo

The Viking Skull tattoo is truly a piece of art. These intricate yet masculine looking tattoos are one of the most inspiring tattoos you can get. Also known as Celtic or Norse warrior tattoos, these signify the willingness to go out and fight for your country and the bravery that comes with it.

Celtic Skull Tattoos

The Celtic Skull tattoos are another type of tattoo you can pursue if you’re looking for an intricate tattoo with a lot of detail. Celtic skull tattoos hold a lot of symbolism for authority and strength.

Irish Skull Tattoo

The Irish skull tattoo is a skull tattoo incorporated with the green color. The skull may be wearing a Leprechaun hat or holding clover, something to give a hint to the Irish culture. These tattoos look much more festive and cheerful.

14 Photos of the Skull Tattoos: The Attraction of Indian Skull Tattoos & the Likes

flower skull head old school tattoonative indian skull head tattoo on the man's sidegreat samurai skull and sword full leg tattootwo black and white skull shoulder tattooskull tree tattoo on the leg in old school styleskull butterfly forearm old school tattoolatin cow skull tattoo on the girl's right sidecolourful pirate skull tattoo on the foot for girlscolorful skull tattoo on the girl's shoilderbearded viking skull leg tattoo for mentibetan skull full back tattoos for menmexican forearm sweet skull with flowers tattoosred skull chest tattoo with black flowersindian black and white skull big tattoo on the stomach

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