Significance of Dog Tag Tattoos, Different Designs and Ideas

dog tag tattoos for women on the ankle

Dog tattoo designs are common among the tattoo wearers. Dog tag tattoos are most commonly used symbol to express the faithfulness. Although the dog tag itself is also worn, an engraved mark on the skin is more reliable as it will not get lost or damaged.

These tattoos often record the name, date of birth and blood group of the wearer. Many militia groups official wear the dog tags. On the other hand, now the trend has turned to permanent dog tag tattoos. This has led to an insurgence of dog tag tattoo designs permanently.

black dog tag tattoo ideas for men

Diverse meanings of dog tag tattoos that make people wear such tattoos:

  • Apart from the obvious purpose of symbolization of belief, dog tag tattoo ideas are also gaining significance as of symbolizing the person’s social status or professional rank.
  • They might be worn to convey the innermost feelings or desires of people. This can be done by designing a dog tag tattoo with a personal inscription, quote or word.

In fact dog tags with quotes are quickly becoming one of the most popular dog tag tattoo ideas. Dog tag tattoo designs are often designed complete with a dog tag and chain. It could be designed like a chain around the neck, the ankle, the wrist or the waist. But this isn’t just the one way to use a dog tag as a tattoo.

Sometimes the dog tag individually can be etched into the skin.  Especially for military dog tag tattoos, designs also include caps, hats, helmets, boots, guns and gloves, depicted with a dog tag bearing the required information. Military dog tag tattoos are the oldest form of these types of tattoos. Also, they are the earliest designs in which dog tags are used.

Dog Tag Tattoos for Women

These are often part of an entire picture. The picture could be of a dog, or a woman. It has been observed that Dog tag tattoos for women include the name of a loved one, or many loved ones such as family, friends or sisters. Dog tag tattoos with the names of the loved ones symbolize that the bearer always wants to feel attached to his/her loved ones.

Religious Touch in these Tattoos

Dog tag tattoo ideas also include religious symbolism. People often get dog tattoos with names of their gods, angels and prophets to showcase their faith and announce their beliefs. It can be seen that dog tag tattoos have gained an enormous amount of significance in the art of tattooing.

12 Photos of the Significance of Dog Tag Tattoos, Different Designs and Ideas

3D dog tag tattoo on the man's sidedog tag tattoo without names for men and womengrey forearm dog tag tattoos for mendog tag tattoo with american flag on the shouldercross with dog tags tattoo for menmilitary dog tag tattoos on the chest of girlblack dog tag tattoo ideas for mendog tag tattoos for women on the anklenice dog tag tattoos on the ankle for girlsdog tag foot tattoo for womencross with dog tags tattoo for mendog tag tattoo with hands of praying

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