Samurai Tattoo Designs – A Way to Say “I Have a Courageous Soul”

huge samurai sword tattoo on the full back and buttocks and hips

Who are samurai? Almost everyone can answer this simple question. The Samurai is one of the best brigades of warriors ever seen on earth. They were well-disciplined and the best in martial-art. They fought to bring peace on Earth. Quotes and sayings of Samurai warriors are very famous among those who believe in bravery and courageous life. These quotations come in very attractive phrases and combination of words.

Why to Wear Samurai Tattoo Designs

man with the samurai darth vader black tattoo

A samurai tattoo depicts almost the same meaning. One having a samurai tattoo is considered strong, courageous, brave and noble. It says that you are a peacemaker.

Types of Samurai Tattoos and Different Designs

Samurai tattoo designs are not of just one type. There are so many different types of samurai tattoos. Some of them are listed below:

1. Samurai in Action. This tattoo shows a samurai in a battle. His skills and courage is clearly visible. It is a half sleeve tattoo and would look amazing on your bicep.

2. Samurai warrior with a Japanese dragon. This tattoo depicts the true Japanese believe, and the strength of a Samurai.

3. A Samurai warrior with Japanese writing. In this tattoo, a samurai is drawn in such a way that it looks so attractive and graceful. Anyone who is a samurai fan would love to have this tattoo.

Female Samurai Tattoo Designs

If you are thinking that the above are the tattoos that would look best on males then you are right. Women mostly prefer tattoos of other female warriors. This is all because a woman cannot be Samurai. That is a reason why there is much less choice for female samurai tattoo. But there are some female samurai tattoo designs.

Samurai with the Sword

This is girly tattoo for female samurai fans. In this tattoo a warrior is holding a sword and is in action.

A Calm Samurai

This tattoo shows a samurai in deep thought. The nice touch of autumn leaves gives an impression that the warrior is calm.

Samurai Mask Tattoo

Another type of samurai tattoos includes samurai mask tattoo. These tattoo designs are very different and kind of scary, but are very eye-catchy.

Last but Not the Least, Traditional Samurai Designs

The traditional samurai designs consist of colored samurai tattoos on the whole body, or complete back or sleeves. These designs include tigers, dragons or samurai in a battle.

11 Photos of the Samurai Tattoo Designs – A Way to Say “I Have a Courageous Soul”

samurai with sword full back tattoosamurai sleeve tattoo for mencolorful samurai head tattoo with red faceman with the samurai darth vader black tattoocool samirai warrior half sleeve tattoo with tigercat samurai with the sword and skull forearm tattooman with samurai back tattoo with the autumn leavesman with the samurai sword tattoo on the sidesamurai mask black and grey forearm tattootraditional samurai tattoo on the man's chesthuge samurai sword tattoo on the full back and buttocks and hips
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