Roman numeral tattoos and their meaning


The Roman tattoos transfer us to the remote past, in the era of wars, battles and courage, valor and dighnity. For this reason, often man prefer to carry these tattoos to ‘s, though there are exceptions.

Drawings of battles, legionaries, gladiators, the Roman numbers can be images of these tattoos.

Roman Gladiator on the man's shoulders

Recently tattoos of the Roman figures meet more often. Agree, thus your birth date, for example, takes a unique form.

Number tattoos be both very big, and absolutely tiny therefore they can be met on any part of a body.

29 Photos of the Roman numeral tattoos and their meaning

tattoo Roman legionary on the shoulderRoman-numerals-and-the-angel-on-shouldertattoo-Roman-legionary-on-the-ankletattoo Roman legionary on the shouldertattoo Roman numerals on the legRoman soldier on the shoulderroman-warrior-tattoo-on-legtattoo-of-Roman-numerals-on-the-neck-of-the-girlRoman Gladiator on the side of menRoman-numerals-tatoo-on-the-necktattoo-battle-Roman-gladiators-on-the-backRoman Gladiator on the man's shoulderstattoo watch with Roman dial on the shouldertattoo-portrait-of-the-Pope-on-tibiamad-Roman-warrior-tattoo-on-armRoman-battle-tatoo-on-the-back-of-a-menRoman thinker tattoo on lower legskull-Roman-warrior-tattoo-on-lower-legtatoo Roman gladiators fight on handtattoo-inscription-in-Roman-numerals-on-the-chestRoman-warrior-Gladiator-tattoo-on-legRoman-inscription-tattoo-behind-the-eartattoo of the eye of a Roman legionary on handbright-tattoo-chariots-and-the-Coliseum-on-the-back-and-arms

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