Raven Tattoo Meaning – Mysterious yet Appealing

raven and skull mystical tattoos on the side

Raven Tattoo: One of the most unique tattoos with a lot of meanings. Raven is a bird and a scavenger, so most of the meanings, that will come around would be linked to them being scavengers.

Raven tattoos are one of those rare tattoos that can stand for both; evil and good. It is the sign of death, mystery and negativity. That is why raven tattoos are mostly associated with despondency. Despite its negative meaning, raven tattoos also mean some great attributes.

big raven head tattoo on the stomach

Real Raven Tattoo Meaning

If you have a question that why the raven is a symbol of death, then answer lies in the history of ancient Europe. Hundreds of years back, Europe was at war, and thousands of people died. Their bodies used to lie on the ground. Ravens being scavengers were seen feeding upon them. From that time ravens are considered a symbol of war and death.

But it is only in the European culture. When looking at other cultures, we may find some other Raven Tattoo Meaning as well. It may include the following:

1. In Celtic culture, ravens symbolize prophecy, power and protection.
2. To Native Americans, raven is the bird which brought light on earth. They see ravens as the bird, correctly describing human nature; the good and bad in a person.
3. Romans and Greeks link raven to their gods; Apollo and Athena. That is why a raven is seen as the symbol of wisdom and intelligence.
4. In Indian culture ravens are considered as survivors.
5. According to other tribes; raven means that the period of misery in no longer and success is about to come.
6. In some cultures raven is known as the messenger who take messages to the spirit world and bring the answers back to earth.

Raven Feather Tattoo Meaning

Feather tattoos have a variety of meanings. Some of the raven feather tattoo meanings are listed below:

  • · Higher status
  • · Spiritual messages
  • · Freedom
  • · Transformation
  • · Wisdom

There are many more meanings of raven feather tattoos. The origin of some of them is known but there may many others of which you can’t find the origin even. Take ‘transformation’ for example, the Celtic goddess Morrigan used to transform into a raven using her clock which was made of raven feathers.

Before you get a raven tattoo, think which characteristic of the raven describes your life. It is important to know because tattoos describe who and what you are.


11 Photos of the Raven Tattoo Meaning – Mysterious yet Appealing

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