Raven Tattoo Designs – Complicated yet Interesting

raven head tattoo on the man's neck

Tired of the same ideas everyone gives you? Want something unique and eye-catchy. Then you are just at the right place.

Talking about tattoo designs, the most unique and attractive ones are; the raven tattoo designs. A lot of meanings can be interpreted by a raven tattoo. In some cultures raven is seen as the link between life and death because of its history. Whereas some people think that it describes the true human nature by delivering an impression of both good and evil.

black raven chest tattoo for creative men

Because of its different meanings, the raven can be used in so many different tattoo designs. Some of them are listed below:

1. Raven Tattoo Designs with a Lock

In this tattoo the raven is seen with flowers, reducing its evil impression and showing that the bird can be a symbol of positivity

2. A True Raven

In this tattoo, the true nature of the raven is shown. As the raven is a scavenger, this tattoo clearly tells that raven feeds on dead bodies.

3. Raven Feather Tattoo

This tattoo is especially for girls as it is soft in nature and attractive.

4. Celtic Raven Tattoo

Raven is an important part of Celtic myths and legends. It is considered as a symbol of prophecy, protection and power. A well-known Celtic hero Bran, was known for his legendary wisdom and was given the title of a raven. Another Celtic goddess Badb, used to cause fear in the enemies in the battlefield by transforming into a raven. So a Celtic raven tattoo can mean both positive and negative, depending on how the raven is used.

5. Tribal Raven Tattoo

Raven is one of the symbol old tribes used to secure their history from generation to generation. In some tribes raven symbolizes that danger is no longer and the period of peace has started. To some tribes raven is considered a bird which brought light to earth. To some, raven is believed to be the massage carrier between the worlds of spirits and humans. So, the interpretations that can be made from a tribal raven tattoo are: memory, thought, luck and a successful future.

Tattoos are a way to express yourself, your thoughts and your personality. It is a way to empower yourself. So think twice when you choose a tattoo.

Remember that birds tattoo are loved so much by strong men and beautiful women in our days. For example, ladies like tattoo with swallow or owl tattoos, which are so popular during the last two years.

11 Photos of the Raven Tattoo Designs – Complicated yet Interesting

raven with cross and skull hip tattooraven & skull tattoo with the ribbonblack raven chest tattoo for creative menman with colorful raven shoulder tattooblack raven bird tattoo on the man's sideblack raven forearm tattoos for men and womenman with raven and skull tattoogirl with nice raven feather tattoo on the backraven and skull chest big tattooraven head tattoo on the man's neckman with skull and ravens forearm tattoo

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