Meaning of rabbits tattoo


Such harmless animal as the rabbit, since ancient times symbolizes fertility and sexuality. The Chinese horoscope shows us that the rabbit is the happiest of all zodiac signs.

Rabbits are kind and tender animals in itself. The Chinese culture considers a rabbit as “Yin” energy as activity of a rabbit is shown at night more than in the afternoon.

tattoo little rabbit on the leg

In Canada the rabbit is considered as God of Fertility. Aztecs worshipped to group of hares known, in the history as 400 hares. The English culture considered a rabbit as a magic being who symbolized intuition.

The tattoo “rabbit” differs, from tattoos with the image of other animals. Most often the image is applied on a body not in realistic, and in alternative style. Roger-the-rabbit is famous to us from the fairy tale – “Alice in Wonderland” enjoys popularity, and also a hare from the Russian animated film “Well wait a moment!”.

Tattoos with the image of these rabbits, don’t bear in themselves any sense, and are applied on a body simply for the sake of a reminding something. Tattoo “rabbit” will suit both the woman and the man. Having applied a tattoo on a body, you first of all will emphasize the sexuality, and show the skillful intuition.

35 Photos of the Meaning of rabbits tattoo

fantastic-images-of-rabbits-on-the-chestrabbit-kid-tatoo-on-the-shoulder-of-the-girlrabbit-baby-tattoo-on-the-backtattoo-body-rabbit-with-a-clock-on-the-leggrey-running-rabbit-tatoo-on-tummya pair of rabbits tattoo on the backtattoo rabbit with a clock from a fairy tale on the kneetattoo-rabbit-fantasy-on-the-chesttattoo-rabbit-in-the-grass-at-the-foottattoo mad Hatter and the rabbit on the shoulderrabbit-with-horns-on-the-tibiawhite rabbit with a Cup on the legpink-fishnet-rabbit-on-the-shoulder-of-the-girltattoo white rabbit on the chesttattoo-rabbit-jacket-on-the-foottattoo-white-rabbit-in-a-Cup-of-blood-on-the-shouldertattoo-rabbit-in-the-mirror-on-the-armtatoo grey rabbit in the rose on the necksmall rabbits in the hole on the thighrabbit-in-a-hat-and-a-pipewhite-rabbit-clock-tattoo-on-shouldertattoo-outlines-rabbit-behind-the-eartattoo-rabbit-in-the-trap-at-the-foottattoo-little-rabbit-on-stomach

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