Polynesian Tattoo Meanings: Hidden Symbolism

polynesian tattoo sleeve of the handsome man

Upon a bit of research, on will stumble on the massive significance in Polynesian tattoo meanings. Look no further in your research if you’re aiming to decode or plan a Polynesian tattoo. Centuries ago, the art of tattooing was a sacred skill in Polynesian culture. The practice was passed from father to son, and only nobles could wear tattoos. Furthermore, the tattoos held spiritual and symbolic significance to the wearers.

Needless to say, these tattoos are note mere designs on the flesh. It is so easy to get lost in the beautiful patterns. Consequently, the symbolism can be forgotten. Learning the meanings of your Polynesian tattoo can be interesting and eye opening.

double polynesian tattoo wristband for men and women

Decoding the Tattoo

According to Polynesian tattoo history, tattooing was a ritual. It could be considered an act of worship, and a rite of passage. Additionally, tattoos served as status symbols. They told what one had done in his life time.

Important symbols include:

  • Turtle shells-These important symbols represented eternity, wellness, fertility, harmony. They are incredibly common.
  • Marquesan cross– This cross signifies balance in all aspects of life.
  • Sun-The sun in all its splendor is a known symbol of brilliance and riches
  • Shark and sharks’ teeth– These symbols ironically represent shelter, guidance, and power. In modern western culture, the shark is widely feared.
  • Lizards- Lizards are significant spiritual symbols. They represent human appearances of Gods
  • Spearheads-Not Surprisingly, spearheads symbolize courage and fighting. They can also be used to show how, when, and why one fought.
  • Tiki-These unique Polynesian creations are symbols of protection andsublimed family members

Many people get these tattoos for their visual appeal and later decode the Polynesian tattoo meanings on their skin. Others learn the meanings to help design tattoos that hold significance. You don’t necessarily need to know the symbols to customize a tattoo, however. You can create or find a pattern that has similar characteristics to you.

Polynesian tattoo style is highly adaptable. For example, if you are lively, you can design a tattoo with sharp twists and turns. Perhaps calmer patterns with more relaxed curves better fit your temperament. Whether for design or for their meanings, these tattoos are stunning.

Sometimes it is hard to see the meaning behind Polynesian tattoos. Instead they are appreciated solely for their beauty. The culture embedded in these tattoos is amazing. Taking time to decode Polynesian tattoo meanings for you is well worth the effort.

Decode your tribal tattoo!

11 Photos of the Polynesian Tattoo Meanings: Hidden Symbolism

polynesian tattoo sleeve of the handsome manpolynesian man tattoos on the hips and buttockspolynesian back tattoo with featherswomen with polynesian wristband tribal tattoopolynesian leg tattoos for pair in lovepolynesian foot tattoo for girls and womenpolynesian shoulder tattoos in multicoloured typepolynesian sun tattoo on the man's chest and half sleevepolynesian sleeve tattoo of the beautiful mandouble polynesian tattoo wristband for men and womenpolynesian full leg tattoo for girls

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