Polish Eagle Tattoo Significance

screaming eagle tattoo on the man's chest

Polish eagle tattoos are a popular way for people of Polish descent to demonstrate nationalism. The tattoo is usually a black version of the eagle that is featured on the Polish flag. Eagles are large, majestic birds thathave been admired for centuries.They are a popular national bird. For this reason,eagles appear on many national flags and are common symbols for:

  • Honor

eagle and american flag tattoo on th man's chest
  • Courage

  • Strength

  • Freedom

  • Nobility

  • Fortitude

  • Eagles Around the World

    Polish eagle tattoos represent the country’s struggle for independence. Ironically, the Russian eagle tattoo signifies Russian imperialism. This imperialistic culture oppressed Poland throughout history.Surprisingly, Poland may have actually adopted its reverence for the eagle –which now signifies their freedom- from Russian culture.The Russian eagle tattoo is usually the Russian coat of arms. German eagle tattoos and Roman eagle tattoos are also the cultures’ respective coat of arms. They are symbols of monarchy, power, and national unity.

    The Roman eagle tattoo, however, holds more cultural significance. The eagle of this ancient culture was regarded as a messenger of the Gods.It is said that the eagle carried souls to heaven. For this, to the Roman Empire, eagles symbolize immortality.

    Like the Polish Eagle, American eagle tattoos and Philippine eagle tattoos represent freedom and pride.For example, the bald eagle (America’s national bird) has represented independence since the nation’s revolution over 200 years ago. In contrast, the eagles in Mexican eagle tattoos, Albanian Eagle tattoos, and Indian eagle tattooshave held significance since the ancient times. These eagles and their meanings are derived from legends of the indigenous people. Interestingly, both Mexico and Albania’s famous eagles are depicted with a serpent in their mouths. For these cultures, the eagle signifies heritage more than liberty.

    Celtic Eagle tattoos, on the other hand, are unique in that they represent maturity and growth. To this culture, Eagles are an intellectual symbol.They symbolize intelligence, social connections, and unity.Japanese eagle tattoos are also atypical. These eagles, which are much less common, represent Japanese statehood. During the years of World War II, however, the eagle was a symbol of Japan’s two largest enemies: America and Russia. It is a wonder that the eagle is still a potent symbol for Japan.

    Although most of the eagles that these countries value are different breeds, they share common ground. Many of these birds, for instance, are critically endangered. For example, the monkey-eating eagle depicted in the Philippine eagle tattoo’s endangerment threatens the entire region’s ecosystem.

    The Tattoo

    National eagle tattoos are present all around the globe. The history behind our reverence for the bird has made them a powerful, known symbol. Even without knowing their significance, eagles can be appreciated for their beauty. Similarly, the tattoos are stunning works of art.

    The tattoos come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Each one is a unique masterpiece. People get these tattoos out of love, respect, and adoration for their cultures and their respective national birds. Although they look different, they often carry similar meanings.

    Clearly our ancestors around the world held Eagles in high regard. Unique countries that differ in every way all use eagles as national symbols. Looking at these powerful, majestic birds, it’s no wonder that the eagle was so adored. Similarly, it’s easy to understand why they are such prevalent symbols today. The Polish eagle tattoo remains a popular testament to the eagle’s potent symbolism, representing freedom and courage.

    Eagles carry huge symbolic weight that has been a constant throughout our ever-changing history.

    12 Photos of the Polish Eagle Tattoo Significance

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