Panther Tattoo Designs

panther in the cap tattoo design on arm

Panther tattoo designs are as versatile as the mighty cats they emulate. There are several different distinct styles of panther tattoos that are known today. Each type of panther tattoo is quite popular. The sheer power of these wild animals is what makes them an idol and symbol for many. Panther tattoos come in these main styles:

  • Traditional
  • Tribal
  • Modern/realistic

The Three Styles

panther and eagle tattoos in similar style on the legs

Tribal designs are abstract. They often elongate the entire figure of the panther. The body is then comprised of swirling, bold black patterns. The abstractions are imaginative and creative. Women typically seek out tribal panther designs as they can display the lithe qualities that make panthers a female symbol.

Traditional tattoos, on the other hand, are cartoonish and colorful options. Old school panther designs typically incorporate bold black designs with a limited color palate. Often in this style, only the head of the panther is depicted. Traditional designs are popular among both men and women. With their whimsical, cartoonish nature, their popularity comes as no surprise.

The last main style is modern, or realistic Black Panther tattoo designs. Thanks to modern technology, these tattoos can be incredibly realistic. They resemble modern works of art more than their cartoonish counterparts.

The lithe bodies of these jungle cats make elongated tribal tattoos that are perfect for shoulders and arms. The back, hands, and chest, on the other hand, are popular places for the traditional style, due to their nature.

Compliments and Additions

Designs can incorporate any accompaniment. They are, however, often paired with:

  • Daggers
  • Roses
  • Jaguars
  • Banners
  • Blood droplets
  • Snakes
  • Women

Design possibilities are endless. Common themes do, however, reoccur. Popular designs demonstrate the ferocity and potency of the panther. Thus, Panther tattoo designs are intriguing works of art.

Unleash your inner jungle cat with a panther design of your choice!


12 Photos of the Panther Tattoo Designs

panther head & tiger head tattoostraditional black panther tattoo on the handbright double panthers mirror effect tattoopanther in the cap tattoo design on armpanther and eagle tattoos in similar style on the legsroaring black panther tattoo with flower on the handrealistic panther tattoo for creative peopleangry panther head tattoo on the man's headtraditional bloody panther tattoo with knifebig panther face tattoo on the girl's full backroaring panther tattoo for girl on the stomachtraditional purple panther tattoos with knife

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