Sports Illustrated Body Paint – Hot Paints for Body Painting 2014

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Sports illustrated body paint is one of the forms of body art. While tattoo using an ink or dye, special paints for body painting are used as a media. Body painting is categorized as a temporary body art, it will only last for few hours and easily remove from the body. It also can be referred as a form of temporary tattoo.  If it covers large area of body, it can be called as body painting, while if it is small and more detailed in work it can be categorized as a temporary tattoo. The body painting, which is limited only to face is called face painting.

Sexiest Full Body Paint Pictures

Best Body Paint To Use

Traditional body painting use clays or other natural pigments. Modern body painting use special paints for body painting or other cosmetics material. But, the most important things the material should be water-based, non-toxic, non-allergenic and easily washable.
The method of application for body painting can use hand, synthetic sponges, paintbrush, airbrush or natural sea sponge. There are different types of media using as paints for body painting. Here is one of the amazing products which are usually used for body painting which is known as Ben Nye liquid color Paints.

Features of Ben Nye Liquid Color Paints for Body Painting:

  • · Ben Nye liquid color paint is one of the products from Ben Nye Makeup Company.
  • · Ben Nye Company is the leader of the product body painting.
  • · The company was started in 1967.
  • · The paint from Ben Nye is non-greasy.
  • · It only takes a few minutes to dry and work well with brush.
  • · The product also fairly not too expensive and it needs no special remover. You can easily remove it only by using the soap in the shower.

Latex Body Paint – Best Body Paint to Use

Deviant, Maximum Impact, Deviant, Liquid Latex Fashions in the U.S. or Liquid Flesh in the U.K are the most common brand of these products. When using this product as paints for body painting, you will get the result thicker than liquid paint. When it dries it become very sticky and stays well on the skin. But you should be careful because if it is accidentally folded over, it will stick together.

Keep in mind the following while using Liquid Latex Paints:

  • · Liquid latex is expensive.
  • · When you want to remove it you have to peel it of your skin because washing with soap will not work for this.
  • · For some people peeling of the liquid latex can be painful and sometimes it caused allergy to the user.

Grease Tubs/Paints for Body Painting:
There is not much information available for this product. But this is usually used by the clown.

Alcohol-based spray on Paints for Body Painting:

One of the brands for this product is REEL Creations. These products most commonly used in film and television industries.

Now, after you choose the design you also can choose the paints for body painting, which is suitable and desirable for you. The most important is to follow the instructions and don’t forget to read the safety guide of the products. You can also test it on your part of skin before applying it to whole body. Non-toxic and non-allergic not always means safe for your skin.

People have mixed views on Latex body paint. Some say that the peeling off action as painful while others see an opportunity to preserve a well designed piece of ‘clothing’.

Pre-Paint Procedures

The artists over at Sports illustrated body paint their models after ensuring their skin is clean and uncontaminated. This is not only important to ensure that paint gets on right and stays but also to help the model avoid any discomfort. You really can’t have a good photo shoot session if your main subject decides she doesn’t want to stay at the set! Artists of different kinds use references in their pieces, especially when they body paint pictures can really come in handy to get the design right.

The Grandest Stage of Them All

The world body painting festival was recently concluded in Austria. It was the 17th anniversary of the event and was unlike any of the previous ones. With runway shows to music events to special appearances by the world’s top body painters, this event had it all. There was an awards ceremony where the best of the best were crowned. Free lectures and workshops were conducted by expert body painters and a lot more.

39 Photos of the Sports Illustrated Body Paint – Hot Paints for Body Painting 2014

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