Meaning of a biomechanical tattoos


Tattoos in a biomechanical style (Biomechanics), appeared in the 70-s . It is still young style, but, certainly, one of the most fashionable today. I old school style, the biomechanics was most often done in monochrome execution. Nowadays it has many colors. Tattoo in biomechanical style is a unification of a live organism and various […]

Tattoos with the image of the Batman

tattoo Batman
logo tattoo Batmantattoo Batman logotattoo Batman legotattoo Batmanbatman tattootattoo Batmantattoo Batman logotattoo Batman

Tattoos with the image of the Batman became the real hit after issue of the popular movie. The courageous and dexterous character became the actual and demanded practically in each tattoo studio. Masters put images with Batman on different parts of a body, and especially on a shoulder and a shin. Clients to the tatoo […]

Tattoo with the image of a goat

goats head on his shoulder Tatto for men
goats head on his shoulder Tatto for mengoat on the back Tatto for mengray-goat-on-the-hipred-goat-on-his-shouldermystical-goats-head-on-his-chestgray goat on hand tatto for mengreen goat knee tatto for menpink-goat-on-his-back

Many people consider that a goat – a silly primitive animal, however it far not so. The goat personifies certain superiority over others, courage and dignity. Male carriers of such tattoo inform world around on the man’s principles, firmness and a impenetrableness for calls of cruel reality. For women the goat is a symbol of […]

Tattoo with the image of a bat

tattoo with the image of a bat
tattoo with the image of a batbat tattootattoo with the image of a battattoo with the image of a battattoo with the image of a battattoo for girlstattoo with the image of a battattoo with the image of a bat

The sacrament of bats always attracted people. Their invisible life not to everyone manages to see, after all animals prefer dark attics, holes and the thrown buildings. It is possible to interpret a symbolical essence of bats, both in negative, and in the positive plans. On the one hand these mammals are associated with powers […]

Tattoo with the image of an ant

ant on shoulder tattoo
ant tattooant tattooant on shoulder tattooant tattooant tattooant tattooant tattooant tattoo

Not everybody is ready to have oneself tattooed with the image of an ant or, more than that, ants. However, the image of an ant is rather popular in the culture of tattooing in many countries. The tattoos with ants are commonly chosen by people which admire the regulation and organization of ants’ life and […]

White Ink Tattoo
White Ink Tattoo
The Angel Of Justice On The Side
lion chest tattoo in tribal style for men
Lion Chest Tattoo
cute scorpion stomach attoos for girls
Cute Scorpion Tattoos