Meaning of a tattoo angel

girl-angel-on-mens-shouldersfalling-angel-on-back-girlangel-on-the-bladeheavenly angel on the backangel-and-the-demon-in-the-chestgrey-angel-on-the-back-of-the-girlblack-angel-on-the-armpraying-angel-on-a-mans-shoulder

In the modern art of a tattoo angels meet quite often and in various meanings. Now meaning of a tattoo of angel isn’t purely religious symbol. Most often angels are represented by beautiful, tall youths with the long hair and wings dressed in a white clothes. Image of marvelous envoys as intermediaries between material and […]

Ambigram tatoo

long ambigram tatoo on the spine

Tattoo logo – an ambigram, what it for a tattoo? Tattoos are widely used in the modern world. Now, each tattoo means something, and each person wants to bring the message to the reader. What to do to people who want, what their tattoo would be unusual, a little strange, with sense? Everything is very […]

The Egyptian tattoos — the ancient world in present eyes

Egyptian style tattoo
Egyptian style tattooEgypt tattooEgyptian style tattooEgyptian style tattooEgyptian style tattooEgyptian style tattooEgyptian style tattooEgypt tattoo

Tattoos in the Egyptian style became popular after Tutankhamun’s pyramid was open. Images in the form of Gore’s eye, a scarab Ankh, Egyptian hieroglyphs were most often used, and absolutely seldom it was possible to see the image of a pyramid, the Pharaoh. The Egyptian symbols most often are charms, sacred things which prevent the […]

Meaning of tattoos squirrel

Squirrel Tattoo
tattoo squirreltattoo squirreltattoo squirreltattoo squirrelSquirrel Tattoostattoo squirrelSquirrel TattooSquirrel Tattoos

Quite often the squirrel tattoo meets. The image of this forest small animal looks very playfully and originally. But not all know that this forest beauty actually symbolizes. Squirrel in different cultures and religions had different and often opposite meanings since ancient times. The squirrel in ancient mythology was closely connected with symbols of fire, […]

Arab tattoos and their meanings

arabic tattoo
arabic tattooarabic tattooarabic tattooarabic tattooarabic tattoothe-numeric-characters-in-Arabic-stylearabic tattooblack-ink-arabic-word-tattoo-design

Among other modern styles, the Arab tattoos remain one of the most mysterious directions of art of a tattoo unsolved completely. Some traditions of a tattoo are known in the countries of the Far East since the most ancient times (about 6000 years). Small extent of development of this art can be explained with the […]

tattoo on hand for men Celtic patterns
Tattoo On Hand For Men Celtic Patterns
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Traditional Tattoo Words
Traditional Tattoo Words
Yonge Street Tattoos
Yonge Street Tattoos