Bright doctor tattoos

plague-doctor-on-the-side-in-redplague-doctor-on-the-sideplague doctor on the thighplague-doctor-on-handplague-doctor-and-the-clock-on-the-handplague-doctor-on-male-breastbright-doctor-on-the-male-legdoctor-of-the-plague-on-the-leg

In the European culture the plague doctor is known since the Middle Ages, then it was the doctor, in whose duties was imputed to verify death of the people who died of bubonic plague or as it still then was called, black death. To treat patients it was almost useless therefore people knew – if […]

Football tattoos

fire-the-ball-at-shoulderfootball-fans-on-the-shoulderteam-name-on-the-lower-legfan-on-the-back-girllarge-ball-on-the-legangel-with-ball-on-brushlogo football club on the handsports a tattoo on his leg

The fashion football tattoos extended worldwide recently. Emblems of club fan groups, mascots of teams were followed by the short slogan were carried out in club colors. Most radical fans even do tattoos to protest against actions of the police trying to eradicate violence on tribunes of stadiums. The fashion on a tattoo extended and […]

Best tattoo with the image of an Aries

great-Aries-on-the-backred-Aries-on-the-shoulderblack-Aries-on-the-shoulderAries-on-handgrey-Aries-on-tibialittle-Aries-on-the-anklegrey-Aries-on-tummysmall aries on the breast

The image of the Aries (a ram with majestically stretched horns) even more often becomes decoration of both male, and female bodies. What attracts zodiac signs of fans of a tattoo? The tattoo in itself allocates its owner from crowd, and the image of the Aries can tell a lot of things about character of […]

Best tattoo with the image of a rat


Meaning of a rat tattoo. The tattoo a mouse (or a rat) bears in itself a deep meaning, despite the seeming insignificance of this representative of fauna. In east cultures the rat always took a place of honor, personifying prudence and wisdom. It should be noted that in the criminal world it is hardly possible […]

Best tattoos with the image of an Doctor Who


People, who decorate their bodies with Doctor Who tattoos often describe themselves as “absurd sci-fi nerd”. They try to pay homage to ‘Doctor Who’ with different significant things from the movie. As is evident by a Google search, there is a staggering abundance of Doctor Who themed tattoos. Fans of all ages express their love […]

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