Mexican Tattoos Guide- Tribes, Customs and Mythologies

mexican sugar skull of girl in lilies tattoo

Mexican tattoos are a reflection of their colorful and rich culture. Not only do they take their themes from religions, customs and traditions but from various gangs as well. Although these tattoos are distinct and unique, yet they can be easily recognized. They have a deep, symbolic meaning for every piece of body art.

Mexican Tattoos – Tribal Influence

girl with mexican disembodied skull tattoo

Mexican tattoos take their influence from the Mayan, Inca and Aztec art. Designs and patterns from these tribes form the Mexican Tribal Tattoos. Aztec tattoos were painted to honor their gods. They were done during rituals and were used to show person’s status. They were also used to depict a warrior’s achievements.

Some of the famous Aztec designs include:

  • Sun to symbolize belief in hereafter
  • Feathered serpent of god representing god of creativity, fertility and weather
  • Calendar ; a large, intricate design makes a creative tattoo
  • Eagle to represent strength

Mayans; again a very artistic tribe. They had their own written language and written system. Their designs generally referred to earth, air, fire and water.

Animal which were mostly included in these Mexican tribal tattoos include:

  • Eagles to represent power, flight and ferocity
  • Jaguar indicating strength, alertness and great hunting skills
  • Snakes to represent spirituality

Meaning behind Mexican Pride tattoo and Day of the Dead Tattoo

Mexican pride tattoo categorizes to be the largest genre of Mexican tattoos. There are three types of Mexican pride tattoos:

  1. Aztec Pride tattoos
  2. Regional Pride tattoos
  3. Chilango Pride tattoos

Origins of Mexican Tribal Tattoos

Origins of Aztec or Mexican tribes are more important to them than any other tribe. This has resulted in special Aztec pride tattoos with dagger design to represent their origins. Other tattoos such as sun are popular among the tribe. Aztecs were a ferocious people who held their soil and believed sturdily in a higher creator. Their tattoos were called Aztec Pride tattoos.
Certain Mexican tribes belonging to provinces such as Oaxaca, Michoacán, Sonora and Chihuahua were quite proud of their cultural heritage. These Regional pride tattoos come in the shape of their background region of their family surname.
Chilango Pride tattoos are for people who are proud to belong to Mexico City and have Mexican and Spanish roots. Their common tattoo designs include snakes, eagles and sun of god.

Depiction of Mexican Day of the Dead Tattoos

The Mexican Day of the Dead tattoos, are also important for the Mexican traditions. The tattoos are painted in remembrance of the loved ones. Mexican day of the dead tattoos depict loved one in the form of skeletons. This means that they do not exist in flesh but are alive in spirit.
Most common colors used for day of the dead tattoos include:

  • Pink as a celebration of joy
  • Red as a symbol of sacrifice
  • Purple to represent pain, grief and mourning
  • White to indicate hopes and promises
  • Orange representing a new day, a fresh start

The popular Mexican Day of the dead tattoo designs include:

  • Colored and disembodied skulls
  • Groups of celebrating skeletons
  • Wine and other spirits
  • Half flesh, half skull face

Which tattoo you are going to wear, it all depends on your choice and association with any particular tradition of Mexican Tribes.

12 Photos of the Mexican Tattoos Guide- Tribes, Customs and Mythologies

girl with mexican disembodied skull tattoomexican owl tattoo on the man's chestmexican cat's sugar skull with roses tattooblack tribal mexican sun tattoo on hand and wristmexican tribal half sleeve tattoo for menmexican big skull tattoo on the girl's buttocks and backmexican coloured sugar skull sleeve tattoomexican coloured skul half sleeve tattoo with rosesmexican sun symbole sleeve man's tattoomexican skeleton with guns full back tattoomexican sugar skull of girl in lilies tattoomexican back tattoo of pretty girl and lettering

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