Mexican Mafia Tattoos – Coolest Permanent Body Art

mexican lettering back tattoo

Mexico, due to its rich and colorful culture, produces wide range of permanent body art designs. From floral pattern as well as human faces, it includes all. Mexican Mafia tattoos bring an element of subtle violence to these creative designs, making them people’s choice.

What Makes Mexican Mafia Tattoos Popular?

mexican revolver tattoo on the arm of man

Mafia tattoos are beyond a single body part. The entire body canvas is available to the tattoo wearer. This unique expression of style can be painted on forearms, stomach, shaved head, broad backs of big built men. However tribal motifs are usually inked on the stomach area.

The mafia tattoos are a mix of violence, art, religion and traditions. Mexican eagle with a serpent in the beak is a popular design. Jesus Christ face, the cross and Savior heart add a religious aspect to the tattoos. Wood handled pistols, rifles and skulls shapes bring violence to the design.

These Mexican tattoos combine life and death in one design. Skulls and blooming roses in a tattoo reflect this idea which again is very popular. Mafia men also ink special words, alphabets, symbols, and numbers to design the tattoos which have a symbolic meaning in the mafia world.

What Mexican Gang tattoos mean?

Mexican gang tattoos are a symbol of loyalty towards the gang. Other than that each tattoo narrates a story about the person who owns it. These tattoos answer questions such as who the person is, what he has done and where he has been.

Mexican gang tattoos have certain basic designs, each with a symbolic meaning:

  •     Eagle with a Snake in the Mouth: This is the main identification of the Mexican gang. Often letters such as E.M.E are painted on top of it.
  •     Black Hand with an M.M or E.M.E logo: Another main identification tattoo of the Mexican gang.
  •     Three Dots: This triangle of three dots represents the ‘Crazy Dudes’ gang of Mexico.
  •     Five Dots: Although not representing any gang, these dots signal gang membership.
  •     Guns: Represents a gang member who carries a gun. However if the gun is pointed outside, indicated the person is a shooter. If the gun is inked inside, indicates person usually packs a weapon.
  •     Tear Drops: These indicate the time served in prison. It also represents death. An open tear drop means a person has killed someone. A solid drop means death of a dear one or someone close.

Since these tattoos have strong symbolic meanings, it is essential to have complete information before wearing any of them.

10 Photos of the Mexican Mafia Tattoos – Coolest Permanent Body Art

mexican eagle & snake gang tattoo on the legmexican revolver tattoo on the arm of manblack mexican gang tattoosmexican mafia religion and skull tattoosmexican gang man religion tattoo on the backmexican mafia symbols tattoosmexican girl with gun tattoo on the man's chestmexican lettering back tattooman with mexican mafia religion tattoos on the chest and stomachtribal mexican eagle tattoo on the back

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