Remarkable Meaning of Owl Tattoos Design

Owl Tattoos Meaning

Owl for most people – night, dark, sinister character. And bind it in the minds of most people, with all the worst: death, black magic, gods of the underworld, sorrow. Only in the culture of the ancient Greeks, and some Native American tribes it represented wisdom.

You can choose any owl. Most green-eyed owl in the chest with spread wings, which end on the shoulders. Or menacing black and white owl spread its wings on your chest looks awesome. She seemed to be warned: this guy trifled with. Or owl with a red pencil in his paws – a symbol of science and education. What looks spectacular owl, which holds in its paws human heart is torn from the breast.

Significance Of Owl Tattoos

What do owl symbolizes and what is a custom tattoo is freedom and beauty, even though the darkness is coming, but you still can show the bright side. Believe it or not that’s your options, but the meaning is made by people, too, and they are saying these meaning by experienced of old people.

37 Photos of the Remarkable Meaning of Owl Tattoos Design

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