Breathtaking Meaning of Infinity Tattoo Design

Meaning of Infinity Tattoo Symbol

Meaning of Infinity Tattoo. There is a lot of tattoo design which adapted from old symbol such as Celtic symbol and meaning of the infinity symbol. The meaning of infinity symbol is taken from the meaning of the symbol itself. Sometimes we are very familiar with the shapes of the symbol, but maybe not quite understand the meaning of it. Unique infinity tattoos is quite unique and simple that is why many people using it as a tattoo design.

Best Infinity Feather Tattoo Meaning

The form of infinity tattoo is figure of number eight on its side. Even the form is quite simple, but the meaning of infinity tattoo is quite deep. It also has a deep spiritual and philosophical meaning. The meaning of infinity symbols means “infinite”, “without end” and “no limit” as the form of the symbol is never ending loop. Usually, infinity tattoo design wears by couples or amongst lover. It is to show or symbolize that their love is limitless, never ending love.

Meaning of Infinity Tattoo on Finger

However, the symbolism of infinity tattoo not merely for lover or couples only. Some people consider the meaning of this symbol as rebirth and reincarnation. The meaning of infinity tattoo is signify to never ending possibilities and no limitation. This is also the reason that the design become so popular. The infinity tattoo design is simple, so you can put it anywhere. The design and what is a celtic cross is easy to modify. You can add the heart to design. The meaning of infinity heart is to signify love. You also can add yin-yang, flowers or swirl to the design. Some people choose to use the words either it is from quote or their name. As you can see there are so many possibilities to make the infinity tattoo become more meaningful for you. You can look to the gallery or catalogue of the design for some additional inspiration.

Best Revenge Infinity Tattoo Meaning Ideas

You can put the tattoo anywhere on your body, even on wrist or finger. The Meaning of infinity tattoo on finger especially on little finger could stand for the yin and yang theory. While the meaning of infinity tattoo on wrist is to show the tribute to the life. God has given us the life and makes us feel the divine presence in the form of pulse beats. The wrist is the place where we can feel the pulse beat and we usually check the pulse beat on the wrist as well. Some people also put it on their arm or neck. You can choose any part of your body where you want to put it to add the meaning of this embellishment.

23 Photos of the Breathtaking Meaning of Infinity Tattoo Design

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